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An All Too Convenient Lie - Sarah Palin's pregnancy hoax, the Republican Party and the Fundamentalists - UPDATE!

Sarah Palin in Texas RGA conference 17 April 2008 - pic 3
Sarah Palin at the RGA conference on April 17, 2008 (video)

Guest post by kilob

Is Sarah Palin the quintessential frontier woman or just laying claim to the biggest hoax in American history where ignorance and intelligence have collided head on, or is she someone with a special calling that a majority of the population either doesn’t care to listen to or refuse to board the SS Palin into the abyss? After following the near daily escapades of the former governor, former mayor and current talking head for the real people of the United States, Sarah Palin has shown versatility unseen before in American politics. She’s the Republicans leading rock star, but how long can they survive relying on the one woman band whose past 3 years was built on a huge fabricated lie?

Sarah Palin demands all America to suspend common sense when it deals with her life and family, whilst at the same time preaching common sense conservatism, with no proof she knows what it means beyond the daily briefings she receives via Blackberry. Such new findings are then relayed to her enthusiastic followers on Twitter and Facebook. Since being chosen by John McCain to complete his ticket for the 2008 National election, Sarah’s rise to fame and now mega fortune must now be looked at with common sense and rational thought. As the first female Governor in the state of Alaska, Palin parlayed her position as elected leader of a state to national prominence. The sheer amount of coincidences that had to come into play for that to happen is mind boggling. Are they just coincidences or a planned pattern of deception played against the citizens of the US for a larger objective?

By news accounts available, John McCain first met Sarah Palin in February 2008 at the National Governors Association meeting. What they may have discussed is unknown, but something evidently caught John’s wandering eye. On March 4, 2008 McCain clinched a majority of Republican National Convention delegates to lockup his party’s nomination for President. Was it by sheer coincidence that the following day March 5th, Sarah Palin, the little known Governor of Alaska announced that she was pregnant with a child who it was revealed days after his birth had special needs. While it is known that children born with Trisomy 21 are more likely to be born to older mothers than younger, one has to wonder whether Palin’s pregnancy with who we now know as Trig, God’s will or a well orchestrated plan to gobble up pro-life votes ahead of the 2008 election, and to lure pro-life voters away from the Democratic party in an attempt to defeat Barack Obama for the US Presidency.

John McCain with Billy and Franklin Graham
John McCain meets Billy and Franklin Graham in June 2008

In June of 2008, John McCain flew to Asheville, North Carolina to meet with Billy Graham and his son, Franklin, to discuss the Graham’s assistance in lining up the evangelical vote leading up to the election. Franklin Graham’s ties to Alaska are well known through his leadership of Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse is an international relief organization which has provided food aid around the globe, but ironically to Alaskan natives during their harsh winters and extreme remote locales with their large fleet of fixed and rotary aircraft that contain everything from small single engine aircraft, helicopters and even a corporate Dassault Falcon 50 jet for long range travel. The ties of Franklin Graham and Sarah Palin revolve around Samaritan’s Purse and Sarah PAC donation drives in the lower Yukon, but Franklin Graham also owns property in Alaska. The Palin / Graham connection is of prime importance because the United States has never had a poster child for the pro-life movement like, Sarah Palin, who was chosen by John McCain to be his Vice President nominee over more highly qualified candidates both male and female.

What attraction did Sarah Palin have for John McCain as his Vice President? It certainly wasn’t her record as governor of Alaska as she had very few accomplishments in her short tenure in the position. With the assistance of both Alaskan Senators Murkowski and Stevens, Palin politicked for a bridge to link Gravina Island to the town of Ketchikan. Remember the infamous Bridge to Nowhere? When it wasn’t politically acceptable for her conservative values, she finally rejected the project, but kept the money for other Alaskan uses. One other glowing accomplishment on Palin’s resume was to raise the taxes on oil companies doing business in Alaska to order to increase her citizen’s annual Alaskan Permanent Fund payout which clearly raised her poll numbers. The people in the lower 48 thank you for their higher gas prices, Mrs. Palin.

Was John McCain awestruck that he had a chance to win an election by placing all his high roller chips on a pro-life woman who just coincidently had recently given birth to a special needs baby, or were there other factors brought to bear during his visit with the Graham’s in North Carolina?
Was Sarah Palin’s pregnancy of the child, Trig, a gift from God to allow her to be placed into the second highest political office or was the pregnancy a ruse born out of a political need to further mutual causes? From the first day she was introduced by John McCain at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin proudly displayed her pro-life ideology for all to see and hear. It’s clear now, in hindsight, that her pro-life / anti abortion stance played a large part to motivate like minded voters to cast their votes for the McCain / Palin ticket.

The announcement that Sarah Palin was pregnant came in her 7th month in March 2008. Her own staff were stunned by the news, and many Alaskan’s themselves were left scratching their heads because Palin didn’t look naturally pregnant. There are few pictures of a pregnant Sarah other than staged photos of her wearing oversized clothing accessorized with decorative scarves. One would think there would be at least one photograph of her in traditional pregnancy clothing uncoated within the warm confines of the Governor’s office or AK department head meetings. However, there are none whatsoever that have been released or can be found on the internet besides one photo that after investigation which suggests that Palin was wearing a similar sort of padded empathy belly used in Hollywood television shows and movies to make fans believe that an actress was pregnant.

Sarah Palin Gusty picture lightened April 13 - 2008
(Sarah Palin on April 13, 2008 - see the photo album)

Anchorage Daily News - April 22 - 2008

Trig Paxson Van Palin was supposedly born on April 18, 2008, one month early after enduring a heroic trans-continental journey which his mother Sarah decided was more important than her own baby’s health concerns which included issues common to premature babies afflicted with Trisomy 21. Much has been written about Sarah Palin’s wild ride just prior to Trig’s miraculous delivery to the Palin Family. Sarah’s father Chuck Heath provided commentary that his daughter had amniotic leakage prior to her speech to the Texas Governors Forum in Dallas on April 17, 2008. Prior to her flight from Anchorage to Seattle and then to Dallas, Palin dismissed her Alaskan Trooper security detail for the trip as an unnecessary cost to the state of Alaska, explaining that her husband, Todd, could provide her with any necessary security in Dallas. If Alaskan Troopers were present and aware their Governor was in pre-delivery distress, they would have forced her to immediately travel to the nearest Dallas hospital equipped to handle a high risk pregnancy. The lack of AK Troopers to provide even minimal security efforts in Dallas lends credence to the Trig birth cover up. Clearly it was more important for the Palin’s to return to Wasilla via a flight from Dallas, a stopover and plane change in Seattle and on to Anchorage, then a drive to a small town hospital not equipped to handle Trig’s high risk delivery.

The excuse we’ve been told by none other than Sarah’s own husband was “we couldn’t have a fish picker born in Texas”. That statement causes great concern because they placed the final location of Trig’s birth above his own health and wellbeing. Within days of his delivery, photos of Trig appeared in the Anchorage Daily News, the daily newspaper serving the southern area of Alaska. What is telling of the ADN photos was the baby offered for publication was neither a pre-mature infant nor one suffering the known breathing maladies seen in pre-mature Trisomy 21 children. Even after some people in Alaska questioned the validity of the Sarah Palin pregnancy, no documentary proof has been offered. Why is that? Could it be that the “gift from God” is a convenient lie to promote the agenda of a group within the Republican Party?

Includes footage with Sarah Palin at the RGA conference on April 17, 2008

Once Sarah Palin was introduced by John McCain at the Republican National Convention, questions swirled regarding the persisting rumors that Trig Palin wasn’t Sarah and Todd Palin’s natural born child. As if on command, a news release announced that Bristol Palin, Sarah’s eldest daughter was pregnant and delivery was expected in January 2009. This was followed by what would become the ultimate embarrassing situation for their lovely daughter as Bristol was marched out on stage in blooming pregnancy for the world to see. This was followed by the well scripted press releases that Bristol was pro-life, and abortion was out of the question. We also learned the unwed Bristol and her baby’s father planned on getting married. It made for great television and rallied the evangelical right for their expected rise in after convention poll numbers. From the time the RNC convention ended to the final hours of the election, American heard a steady stream of pro-life / anti abortion rhetoric from both John McCain as well as Sarah Palin. One segment of America awaited the release of Sarah Palin’s medical information. They waited patiently day after day, but no such release occurred until four hours before the November national election was to begin. What was released was a letter which adopted typical boiler plate medical terminology from Sarah Palin’s personal physician, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. Included in the medical release was a statement that Sarah Palin gave birth to five live children. From that release, America was led to believe Trig Palin was naturally born to Sarah and her husband. Not so fast, Mrs. Palin!

Email April 14 - 2008 - No security for wild ride trip
Sarah Palin on April 14, 2008 - Part of the published MSNBC-Crivella emails - was Todd's email address

When questions continued regarding the birth of Trig Palin kept being asked, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson met with staff of the Anchorage Daily News for a possible news story on the subject. Was Dr. Baldwin-Johnson carrying proof approved by Sarah Palin to refute the birth lie allegations? No, instead she brought along her personal attorney and answered “No comment” when asked if she had delivered Trig. Is this the proverbial smoking gun? No, it’s just another bullet. One other bullet that now has been revealed is Bristol Palin was actively trying to get pregnant leading up to the 2008 RNC convention, which she clearly succeeded in accomplishing. Was Bristol Palin’s pregnancy a planned production to first cover up the fact Sarah’s pregnancy with Trig was a lie of epic proportions, by trying to cover up rampant Alaskan rumors that Bristol was previously pregnant during the Summer and Fall of 2007? There is photographic proof Bristol was in fact pregnant with Tripp but is, Trig, also her natural born son? At this time the odds are 50/50. It is rather distressing to know that a huge lie has been told to the American populous and the tale continues to this day.

It is crystal clear Sarah Palin would never have been chosen by John McCain as his running mate without the existence of a special needs child to rally the evangelical base of the Republican Party and the pro-life movement at large. Palin’s now universally known ignorance to national and world issues is tabloid fodder. What was John McCain’s real motivation and who was driving the bus? The connections to Franklin Graham also cannot be dismissed. It is clear that the “gift from God” didn’t come from Sarah’s womb, but was a human prop with Down Syndrome used to help win an election? Prove me wrong, Mrs. Palin. Release an authentic copy of Trig’s birth certificate, or tell America the truth and reveal where he came from.


Note by Patrick:

Please also read litbrit's new excellent post in which she responds to allegations made on the "Pandagon" blog that the fake pregnancy claims are untrue. Ennealogic also responded to the post on Pandagon.

To my horror I discovered today that many of the links to the emails in the Crivella West database (MSNBC) don't work any more (see the links in our large post about the emails). I have therefore as a first measure uploaded some of those emails in order to make them available again.



I would like to add another item to the post. This is what Todd Palin wrote to the Governor's top staff (I almost said to "his" staff) on April 17, 2008 at 11:13 AM:

Sarah Palin on April 17, 2008 - Her speech kicked ass 2 - screenshot

"Her speech kicked ass...."

Well, great! That's all Todd had to say about his wife on April 17, 2008 who was supposedly suffering at this point already with leaking amniotic fluid, big contractions and who was incredibly concerned for the safety of her unborn baby (according to "Going Rogue")?

Not surprising - because there was never an unborn baby in Sarah Palin's tummy on April 17, 2008.



Another incredibly interesting email message dealing with the events on April 17, 2008 is part of the the MSNBC-Crivella West database:

The Alaskan citizen John Carlile met Sarah and Todd Palin at Seattle airport on the evening of April 17, 2008, when Sarah and Todd were heading back to Anchorage. John also didn't notice that Sarah Palin was in labor - despite the fact that her water had already broken many hours earlier, according to her own account given in the press conference on April 22, 2008.

John Carlile wrote:

"Little did I know that you were in labor at the time."

Well, John is in good company: The staff of Alaska airlines also had no idea that Sarah Palin was in labor, nor did they realize that she was highly pregnant.

Screenshot Chatting to Sarah Palin on airport on April 17 - 2008


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