Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sarah Palin and her dominionist friends Mary Glazier and Thomas Muthee - "The second weakest link"

Sarah Palin has more than two "weak links". But as she has turned into "teflon-barbie", it's time for us to "zoom in" closer into Sarah Palin's two "weakest links."

The top spot will always be "babygate", and we will soon return to our favorite subject, Sarah's faked pregnancy.

The second weakest link in our opinion are Sarah Palin's religious associations. Fortunately for us, Sarah Palin herself boldly declared in the past that it's not unfair to call other people out on their associations, referring in particular to Reverend Wright, who dared to harshly criticize America - and offended Sarah, who never fails to praise her "exceptional" country.

It seems that Sarah had forgotten, or thought that nobody would remember, that she herself is associated for many years with religious extremists - for example with the dominionist Mary Glazier or with the Pentecostal Wasilla Assembly of God. And let's not forget witch hunter Thomas Muthee, who first delivered a radical dominionist sermon in 2005 and then anointed Sarah Palin afterwards in the Wasilla Assembly of God, so that she will be protected from "witchcraft".

It's also very lucky that Sarah's connections to religious radicals have already been extensively researched - in particular by Bruce Wilson, who published his extensive material for example on the website "talk2action".

First, we would like to present two videos which complement each other. The first video was created by the youtube user "Oilwellian", and is simply brilliant. It demonstrates convincingly why Sarah's tight connection to a dominionist like Thomas Muthee is incredibly dangerous.

The second video was created by me and uses some material from clips previously published by Bruce Wilson. A few weeks ago I presented the first version, and thanks to your suggestions, I managed to greatly improve the video. It deals with Sarah Palin's long-existing relationship to dominionst Mary Glazier, whose belief that Alaskans are the chosen people apparently deeply influenced Sarah Palin - at least that's my impression.

Some of Mary Glazier's teachings are documented in detail in the following clip. Sarah Palin joined Mary Glazier's prayer group when Palin was 24. According to reports from other dominionists, Sarah Palin was a member of this prayer group for many years. Palin called Mary Glazier in 2008 to pray with her over the phone, and afterwards had Mary Glazier as a guest at the Governor's prayer breakfast in 2008.

Apart from that I would like to recommend the following videos for further viewing:

"Witchcraft and War" with more material regarding Thomas Muthee and the Wasilla Master's Commission.

A promotional video about Thomas Muthee with more info for example about his witch hunting activities.

The complete sermon by Thomas Muthee in 2005 with Sarah Palin present in the audience - explaining how the Christians should infiltrate all areas of society, and, well, push all the other people out, basically.

Thomas Muthee's sermon in Wasilla from 2005 is based on the "seven mountains strategy" - this concept is explained in Bruce Wilson's excellent clip "Sarah Palin Seven Mountains":

Regarding Mary Glazier, there is some material available for further reading - for example here and here.

An incredibly important article about Sarah Palin and Mary Glazier was published in the issue January 2009 of Charisma Magazine. The original article is not available any more, but the article has been cited in full length with additional info here: "Sarah Palin's Faith: Pentecostalism & Politics".

An invaluable resource for everything surrounding Dominionism is Leah Burton's blog "Gods's Own Party."

Finally, an overview regarding Bruce Wilson's articles and videos is available on talk2action here.

Sarah Palin, we haven't forgotten your long, close associations to these nutjobs who want to infiltrate all areas of society, who reject the separation of church and state and who want to displace non-believers - just to mention a few things. How could we forget?

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