Sunday, 25 July 2010

Please, Your Highness Queen Esther Governor Palin, deliver us from evil! - Open Thread - UPDATE!

In Rich Crowther's
"Look at me, Goddess Governor Palin, how brilliant I can write" post at the peezoo from today, a commentator came up with a BRILLIANT idea:

comment trig birth certificate c4p

Yes, please, Governor, show the birth certificate and medical documents and "kill this rumor", dear Governor Your Highness Palin, I really, really, want my old life back, and I promise that I will never ever "meddle in AK affairs" again! PLEASE, I beg you! Show that I am a liar, that I am an evil anklebiter, a liberal scumbag, a conspiracy theorist, please!

Birth certificate and medical documentation would be enough proof for me personally, thank you very much!

Please, Queen Esther....err...Governor Palin, deliver us from evil!

Rich, my friend, from your headline I can feel that you want it too, you want them all exposed as liars, Andrew Sullivan and the other "Trig Doubters", you want to see them humiliated, I just know it!

Rich Crowther Pawn Blogger headline

Please talk to your Queen, I am sure she will have an open ear for your request, after all you write so remarkably well, she surely will have noticed that by now. Tell her to expose us! Now is the time! Proudly raise your head under the banner of the Paliban and destroy the enemy! Go forth, Barbarians!



comment trig birth certificate c4p - 2



As we are having a really nice fun thread here, I would like to post three fun items I have collected over time for your enjoyment (click the links to download the PDF-documents):

1) One of the very few existing articles which were definitely written by Queen Sarah herself, without a ghostwriter: Her magna opus "Who's your Daddy", which was penned by her for her gubernational campaign 2006.

Who is my daddy screenshot

2) The original draft of Sarah's first leaflet for her campaign to become the mayor of Wasilla, handwritten by her Majesty herself! This item should not be missing in any household in which people worship Queen Esther - or simply in which they want to laugh at her. Both probably works, depending on the viewpoint! ;-)

Mayor leaflet - screenshot

3) The complete set of twitter messages from Sarah Palin's legendary, but now deleted first twitter account "AKGovSarahPalin"! Before it was deleted, I made a copy of the complete messages in order to preserve it for all eternity.

twitter - sacrificial soldiers


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