Friday, 30 July 2010

Sarah Palin's fans want to censor comedian Andy Borowitz on PBS - He insulted the Queen by making fun of her! UPDATE! "America By Heart" contest!

The Palinbots are after comedian Andy Borowitz!

Andy likes to make fun of Wasilli Vanilli, for example on Huffington Post, on his website and on segments at PBS:

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.


"Her first official act will be to cancel the agreement between nouns and verbs. Next, she’s replace the English language with Palinese….Word number one: “mitteracy.” “Mitteracy” means the ability to read off one’s hand. Word number two: “rignorance.” “Rignorance” means advocating deep-water drilling in the aftermath of an ecological disaster that killed thousands of pelicans. And finally, “mooseacre.” “Mooseacre” means a really fun day in the great outdoors. That’s our lesson in Palinese for today. Now, you may be wondering: Where does Sarah Palin find all these new words of hers? In a little book called the fictionary."

Such dose of witty, but also quite harmless fun is apparently already enough to set the Palinbots off. The Queen has been insulted! Off with his head!

You can support Andy Borowitz and write to the PBS ombudsman HERE!

This episode shows again that the Palinbots are just as thin-skinned as their Queen.

And even though they regard Sarah as their Queen, they obviously have never heard of the concept of a jester. ;-)

Danny Kaye - Court Jester - large poster

There shall be no fun made in Sarah's lands about her! There is nothing funny about Sarah Palin! Why does the lamestream media not understand? Making jokes about Sarah is socialist and subversive!

What's next, a boycott of PBS? ;-)



The Queen meanwhile shows off her patriotic fashion accessories on her new book cover - one flag is apparently not enough:

America by Heart - book cover

We already have the first parody cover!

Our brilliant reader disqusux created this cover:


It's so subtle, at first I didn't even see the difference! ;-)

This gave us the idea to officially announce the

*** Palingates "America By Heart"
parody cover contest! ***

Many of our readers will remember that our readers created hilarious parodies in our "Going Rogue blingee contest" last year. But we don't want to restrict this new competition to blingee covers (see the blingee website for more info), so all parodies are welcome!

Please send your submissions with your username to:

We will start to present the submissions next week.

That will be fun! :-)

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