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Sarah Palin moves in to take Obama out - backasswards! Witness her genius! - UPDATE

Sarah Palin, Queen of "dirty" twitter, shows again why she is qualified to become the President of the USA (in her opinion). After the disaster with the Bill O'Reilly interview, Sarah thought really, really hard how to reclaim the headlines and came up for example with this tweet today:

Sarah Palin - backasswards tweet


Roger Ebert - tweet assforwards

Maybe he will get an answer in a follow-up tweet.

Or maybe not.

Can this be the most disconnected tweet by the Quitter Queen ever?

Is she losing it?

Has she ever "had" it?

President Palin - assforward to oblivion!

"Sarah Palin has a message for Barack Obama: "What happens in Vegas shouldn't stay in Vegas."

The former VP candidate posted the statement on Twitter Sunday, asking fans to share an editorial from the Las Vegas Review-Journal bashing the President for comments he made at a Nevada fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"President Obama once again left behind a sinking feeling that neither he nor Sen. Reid have a clue how to pull this country out of its current dire economic straits," the Review-Journal wrote in a scathing criticism of Obama's speech on Thursday."

Palin posted a link to the article with her own harsh words for the President.

"LasVegas RJ editorial recaps Obama lecture 2 Runnin' Rebs," she tweeted. "He's got most disconnected, backasswards plan ever imposed on the country we love."

Palin's provocative posts came after Obama went on the attack Thursday, slamming Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Referring to her only as "Harry's opponent," Obama blasted Angle for her views on Social Security, Medicare, education, and her comments about the Gulf oil spill victims' compensation fund.

"She favors an approach that's even more extreme than the Republicans we've got in Washington," he said. "That's saying something...She wants to phase out and privatize Social Security and Medicare."

Perhaps 140 characters is the most policy we are ever going to get out of Palin without a ghostwriter. Ask Bill O'Reilly, he has tried!

If Palin is now looking for a twitter ghostwriter, which I would completely understand, we recommend Rich Crowther - he is currently auditioning hard for the job.



Exclusive on Palingates - "backassward" Sarah reloaded:

Every time Sarah Palin says "backassward", an angel blushes.



I made a major update to the summary document about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy and included some of the highly suspicious MSNBC emails which we discussed recently.

Please download HERE.

Alternative download link HERE.



Our brilliant reader "ella" alerted me today to the radio advert that Sarah did for John McCain and to the discussion about it at the right-wing website "free republic".

I am sure that most of you didn't even known that this audio clip exists - but it's really interesting (and mercifully short):

This is the text:

PALIN: Hi, this is Sarah Palin.

This is the time when conservatives must stand up and fight against the Big Government policies of President Obama and Democrats in Congress.

No one is a more forceful leader than my friend, John McCain.

Every day John is fighting the President's radical plan to put Washington bureaucrats in charge of your health care.

It's John McCain who is fighting for transparency and against backroom sweetheart deals.

If we have a chance to stop the Democrats in Congress and The White House, it's because John McCain is leading that charge.

Standing up for true conservatives.

Standing up for Arizona.

John McCain.

Character matters.

ANNOUNCER: John McCain is Arizona's last line of defense.

MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Friends of John McCain.


The real funny thing about this advert is: The right-wingers on free republic absolutely hate it!

Random example:

If Sarah Palin believes that nonsense that she's spouting off, she is NO conservative and I'll be the first in this thread to say that she is more full of crap than a Christmas turkey.

If Sarah Palin says (and she did) that she "shares John McCain's vision for America", you can bet your last bottom dollar that so-called 'vision' is NOT a conservative vision.

Get it through your heads people, Sarah Palin is an inconsistent conservative. You can't support conservatives one day, and RINOs the next, and expect to be taken seriously as a 'conservative'. Conservatives do not make deals with the devil, and if John McStain doesn't qualify as the devil so far as conservatives are concerned, tell me who does? He's a bloody TRAITOR and we KNOW it!

The fact is, Sarah Palin is revealing her true colors on a regular basis, and WHO she supports DOES make a difference, we saw her line up behind Carly FioRINO in California, and now McCain's crony Carly has a fair shot at becoming the NEW Democrat Senator if she ekes out a win against Barbara Boxer.

John McDirtbag is currently leading in the polls in Arizona, a place where Sarah Palin is again "making a difference" because of who she supports. J.D. Hayworth might well have made significant inroads into McCain's support had Sarah Palin stayed OUT of the Arizona primary.

So as it looks right now, we will be looking at not one, but TWO RINOs sent to the Senate, McCain one more time, and his crony FioRINO in California. Does anyone with a lick of sense think that is somehow GOOD for America, let alone good for conservatism? Give your heads a SHAKE, it is NOT!

Now I just happen to agree 100 percent with our Founder who said just this past Wednesday:

"It does matter who Palin supports. If she supports traitors, she’ll lose my support."


Actually, talking about "free republic": People on this website also discussed Sarah's disastrous immigration interview with Bill O'Reilly.

It's too funny.

Another random example:

I love it when he says,”Ok, I’ll give you the last word.”

AND INVARIABLY he responds and gives the last word....

What a bafooon...

Some people on free republic criticized the performance of the Queen, who is only a princess in the freeper's world, so to speak:

She let him control the discussion like she let Katie and Tom Browkaw. Sometimes you have to ask what she is doing wrong. It is so funny that she has such a hard time with interviews unless they are from conservatives who like to kiss here butt. How on Earth will she be able to debate Obama when she will be given difficult questions from a possible liberal? Answer me that and I will be happy to see her as President.

Another commenter:

I am always amazed at the Sarah worship on FR. She is a PUNDIT for FoxNews. That is what she signed on for. Whatever one thinks of BOR, why should he be any less boorish with her than he is with Juan Williams, Lis Weihl, Gretchen Carlson, etc? She wants a persona of a fighter and average woman? Then she doesn’t need folks coming to rescue her. Mix it up I say, the more she learns to deal with it, the better she will be.

Well, let's see if she learns something. So far she has learned how to hire consultants, charge outrageous speaking fees and get a face lift without too many people noticing it. That's a start!

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