Thursday, 17 March 2011


Sarah Palin is in India, getting ready to present her vision for America at the Conclave on Saturday.

I would like to share a pictorial of India, similar to the one I did for Japan. When I started collecting bits and pieces for it, I realized that it would be a much more complicated task than my Japanese effort. India is a far more complex country than Japan. The population is nearly 1.2 billion, compared to Japan's 127 million, where only one language is spoken, as opposed to over twenty main languages in India, where many other languages, numbering over a thousand, are spoken regionally.

Faced with too much choice, I decided to limit the images to the beauty of India: The arts and the people.

Here are some of the sites Sarah Palin will see during her visit:

Here's a tiny sample of what she won't see:

India Reloaded.TV is keeping track of Sarah Palin's movements.