Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sarah Palin, please shut up!

President Obama

Senator John McCain

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona was critical of the president’s timetable for action in Libya, but said he is confident the American military will succeed.

“He (President Obama) waited too long, there is no doubt in my mind about it. But now, it is what it is,” McCain said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” taped Friday. “We need now to support him and the efforts that our military are going to make. And I regret that it didn’t – we didn’t act much more quickly, and we could have.”

Reality show star Sarah Palin

(Transcript of the interview for those who can't stand the sound of Sarah Palin's voice. Plus, longer version at Politicususa)

I have the impression that if Obama went to Libya and dispatched Gaddafi with his own hands, Sarah Palin would find something wrong with it. Greta Van Susteren lost her way during the interview and contradicted herself several times. Obama is wrong when he doesn't act and he's wrong when he does.

Sarah Palin doesn't understand the word humanitarian, only American interests. She doesn't understand what team effort means and doesn't recognize the international community. If she had her way, the US would be at war with half of the world, picking and choosing which regimes to change, who to assassinate, all according to her own "doctrine." Kill, baby, kill!

Now she really pissed me off.

Sarah Palin's America is the America people all over the world feared and despised. The America that had only its own interests coming into play, without regard for the interests of the people in other countries. America was involved in many armed conflicts in the past, not always with proper justification for its actions.

America also waged regime changes from behind the curtains. Brazil, Chile, countries in Central America and many others had to swallow America's version of democracy, based on America's interests only. I'll speak for Brazil, where we had to endure over twenty years of American endorsed military dictatorship, where people "disappeared," were imprisoned for no good reason or had to leave the country (if they could). If it's wrong for a tyrant to impose his own will on his own people, what makes it right for America to act in the same way, imposing her own will on the rest of the world?

The Europeans and their empires shaped the fractured world we have today; their legacy is not an honourable one, but they appear to have learned a few lessons along the way. Why should anybody want an American Empire, why should anybody want America (or any other country) calling all the shots???

Living in a peaceful world can only be achieved if we work together and remember the lessons from history. In Sarah Palin's world, might is right and whether she likes it or not, America is no longer the mightiest of them all. She has already been poking at a country that is gaining power and will continue to do so.

Sarah Palin's America is a danger to Americans and to the rest of the world.