Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Open thread - Tuesday

This is MD's son, Kai. The last time we heard from MD was when she sent in some amazing photos of the dragonfruit flower, taken in Hawaii. Kai is quite a character. This photo came with a few stories...

This is Kai, my 7 year old, in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. He is very helpful as you can see, has a huge heart and a great sense of humor. He's also very good at putting 2 and 2 together, and I don't mean in math class. Just a couple of his comments lately:

We were walking down the shoreline one evening and he said "Dad, can I have some of your beer? There's nobody around." He's been told that not only does it make your brain feel funny, if someone else saw him drinking it daddy and I would be in big trouble.

At 5:00 am he came to our bed and asked to get in. We told him to go back to his bed to which he replied "But it's Valentine's Day. You're supposed to sleep with someone on Valentine's Day." If you knew him you'd know he had no idea what he just said, he's was just trying to be convincing.

The other afternoon he was standing at the bathroom door with his pants around his ankles hollering "Mom! My poop is stuck. I need some coffee."



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Naah... no edits. Hugs to Kai and a big thank you to MD for sharing!