Friday, 18 March 2011

Other news - Two opportunities to participate in changing things - UPDATE: Now there are three...

I have two items not directly connected to Sarah Palin, but they're important and should be highlighted:

Our friend Leah Burton has some exciting news:

I am excited to finally announce the launching of my webinar series after months of preparation. The first one is a primer – an introduction to the world of Christian Dominionism. Those of you who have read my blog for the past few years have seen my posts on Dominionism and its effects on our political landscape here in America.I will continue writing about this, but I felt a nagging need to get this out in more specific terms to a broader audience than just here and the radio shows I do – so the concept of a series of webinars sprang to mind.

For those who are not familiar with the term “webinar”, it is the merging of “seminar” and “web”. I subscribed to a service that allows me to broadcast through the internet to interested people all over the world. All that is required by the listener is that each person register through the links that will appear in the right hand sidebar of this site and follow the links.

Sarah Palin has a voice in the Dominionist movement and uses God as one of her many props. Leah hopes to address the wider ramifications of this insidious movement. Please visit her site God's Own Party to find out more about the webinars.


The GOP has very skewed priorities, as this e-mail I received from Americans United for Change points out:

A huge fight is underway in Congress on how best to rein in the deficit, and the very first items on Republicans’ ‘to cut’ list is funding for Head Start, Pell Grants and cancer research. But at the same time they want to protect billions of dollars in subsidies for big oil companies, offshore Corporate tax havens and huge tax breaks that reward companies that ship our jobs overseas. Talk about warped priorities.

Under Republican logic, if you make billions and dodge your taxes, pollute the water with spilled oil or ship jobs overseas, you deserve a tax break. But if you’re trying to make ends meet and want to go to college, or want to put your child in nursery school, you’re out of luck.

Americans United for Change have produced an ad about the GOP budget:

Please visit their site to have your voices heard.



I have received yet another e-mail calling for action:

Late yesterday, members of the House came one step closer to achieving a longstanding ideological goal: silencing NPR.

They passed a rotten bill that would end taxpayer support for NPR and stop local public radio stations from using federal dollars to buy any radio programming. Period.

Earlier this week, the Free Press Action Fund joined with our allies at and CREDO Action to hand-deliver to Capitol Hill more than one million letters in support of restored funding.

The New York Times editorial board put it best yesterday: "This is not a serious bill... It is designed simply to send a punitive message to a news organization that conservatives have long considered a liberal bastion."

To find out how to contact your senators, please visit this page.