Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sarah Palin's trip to India

Sarah Palin's trip to India is rapidly approaching and a reader posted a link in the last thread which led me to an Indian site. They are not impressed with Sarah Palin at all and had a few videos to show why they're not very keen on listening to her vision for America.

Here's one of the videos. It's of an old interview Sarah gave to Greta Van Susteren. Please note that Sarah Palin doesn't answer Van Susteren's question about how she would deal with the problem they were discussing. Palin's tone was friendlier to the government than we have seen recently, but she couldn't help taking a couple of digs at Obama.

From India Reloaded.TV:

Sarah Palin is set to be gracing India with her "real America" charm and sharing with us her vision of America. A curious selection for a subject to share with an emerging India who couldn't care less about what the ex-Alaskan governor has to share - given the glimpses of her intellectual prowess in the western media.

In another article, the writer wonders about Sarah Palin's vision of America in the light of a recent event:

On February 13th, the American Muslim relief organization held a charity dinner to help raise money for woman's shelters and for the homeless. A group of a few hundred 'protesters' showed up to harrass those attending the event.

A video of the incident follows, and the writer concludes:

Perhaps she could enlighten us on how her 'vision of America' - exemplified in the video above - is a good example for the world's largest democracy and the world's largest muslim minority (120 mil. est) to follow.

The site also takes issue with one of Sarah Palin's good friends: Glenn Beck.

I found a video of Glenn Beck talking about Indian healthcare on another Indian site. Something tells me Beck would never receive an invitation to make a speech in India...

India has a very lively and open media so they can spot the unfair and unbalanced reporting on Fox News quite quickly.

In the US, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and other Fox News characters may find an audience of brainwashed viewers while the rest of the country scratch their heads about the dishonest and distorted vision of America presented by this "news" channel.

The very large Indian population is spared the "wisdom" of Fox News and are much better informed about current issues than their American counterparts. I suspect the most charitable conclusion in their part is that Sarah Palin's inclusion among the speakers at the Conclave is simply a way to provide comic relief. Less charitable Indians have every right to feel insulted by this choice of speaker.

[A blogger in Canada is not impressed either.]