Tuesday, 1 March 2011

More bits and pieces about Sarah Palin

Let's start the new month with some more bits and pieces about Sarah Palin. February wasn't kind to her. Will March bring better tidings?

Sarah Palin is definitely not having a very good time lately. Manly Todd didn't win the Iron Dog, she was called a "froot loop" by Jamie Oliver and a google search this morning didn't reveal favourable articles about her.

The governor of Iowa made a statement that could sound like he supports Sarah Palin, but it seems he's more interested in the entertainment value of a Palin/Bachmann circus.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad voiced excitement about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann’s potential presidential bids and what they could mean for the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

"If Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann participate, this could break all records and could get to be really really wide open and very interesting."

Iowa's governor may be keen on a cat fight between Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, but the polls don't bode well for Sarah Palin.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is finding little support in Iowa, according to a recent poll.

A newly released Des Moines Register Iowa Poll finds support for a Palin candidacy waning, with Ms. Palin losing support amongst Iowa Republican likely voters.

Tea Party polls don't appear to confirm the notion of Sarah Palin as queen of the teabaggers.

Herman Cain and Ron Paul won a pair of tea party straw polls Sunday, a show of strength among grassroots activists for the long-shot presidential hopefuls.

Sarah Palin took fourth place in the poll at 10%

Karl Rove wasn't very charitable to Sarah Palin when he gave an interview to the New York Times magazine.

One week before the 2010 midterm elections, Rove took aim at Sarah Palin, questioning the wisdom of her appearance on a reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, if she really wanted to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. Palin lacked the “gravitas” to be president, went a subhead in the U.K.’s DailyTelegraph.

Rove’s backhands weren’t accidental, nor was he the victim of outrageous tabloid reporting. When I bring up his statements about Palin during our interview, Rove says only that he wished he’d made his comments on Fox News instead—before going into a withering impersonation of Palin, recalling a scene from her TV show in which she’s fishing.

"Did you see that?" he says, adopting a high, snivelling Palin accent: "Holly crap! That fish hit my thigh! It hurts!

In the meantime, a Sarah Palin supporter in Alaska confirmed something we have noticed a long time ago, her supporters are not nice people and tend to take her figures of speech literally.

Anchorage citizen activist Andree McLeod has obtained a six-month protective order against a woman who threatened her life over her public records requests for former Gov. Sarah Palin's official e-mails.

"Where does this b*tch get off thinking the public should shell out for her revenge for the Palin family. I've heard enough from this, and I would like to use stronger words to express my feeling for Andre (sic). Well... I think Andre (sic) has used up to (sic) much oxygen. So I have my scope cross hair on her head! She better watch out, the request may have been her last!"

"Yes, I know I made threats. I really hate that women (sic)," she wrote.

The Alaska PD decided that the threat should be investigated only after the shooting of Rep Gabby Giffords. They made the connection to Sarah Palin's crosshairs, despite her denials...

UK's Daily Mai
l picked up two Wonkette's stories about Sarah Palin's Twitter and Facebook "fake" accounts.

It's in her home state, it's America's highest peak and she's even climbed part of it.

But Sarah Palin seemingly cannot spell Mount McKinley.

Only a week after a blog claimed she has a private Facebook account, the same website now says Mrs Palin has a secret Twitter account, too - the misspelt @mckinely777.

Blog Wonkette used a private email address mistakenly released in the manuscript to track down a Facebook account under the name of 'Sarah Lou', which used that address.

The account is used to 'like' many of Sarah Palin's official Facebook messages, and also to comment on her daughter Bristol's wall.

Well, at least one person likes Sarah Palin...