Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sarah Palin in India - Livestream link

Sarah Palin's speech in India will be live streamed at the Today Conclave website at 20:00 New Delhi time.

To find out the time of the broadcast where you are, please refer to the World Clock.

Have fun!

Pundit Commentator will be live blogging it on India Reloaded.TV for those who can't bear to hear Sarah Palin's voice.

Palingates readers are welcome to live blog it in the comments section, of course.

(I've posted this earlier than usual so readers have time to get organized...)


Here are some screenshots:

The audience looks bored

Surrounded by men. Two women appeared to be trying to get closer...


The same jacket made an earlier appearance during the 2009 Going Rogue tour:

Transcript of Sarah Palin's speech