Sunday, 6 March 2011

Open thread - Sunday

Amy1 sent in this mouth watering photo with a note:

"Out my Northern California kitchen window: Here is a photo of oranges from a neighbor -- to cheer up my snowbound and cold friends on Palingates. These oranges are just right for juicing in my giant Jack Lalanne juicer. The bare twigs you see through the hedge are a row of five white lilacs along that fence, now showing their tiny blossom clusters and the beginnings of leaves. My fabulous compost heap alternates in location from behind the one hedge to behind the other, left and right: it moves when I turn it. Cody the dog keeps watch over it all, barking away squirrels, blue jays, neighborhood cats, and at night raccoons, possums, voles -- and yes, rats and mice I am sorry to say. All of whom have an interest in the compost heap, but are not very disruptive about it. I would love to know if anyone has put solar on their roof and uses it also to power an electric (or hybrid) car? That is my next goal."


Thank you Amy. It's nice to catch a glimpse of the garden where some abstemious snails roam!