Monday, 18 April 2011

Another (Very Convincing) Faked Pregnancy by a GOP Politician

The recent Babygate posts on Palingates didn't reveal anything extraordinary. Their purpose was to refresh the topic and replace the hopelessly truncated posts that had missing photographs with simpler summaries and to present the most important photos, accompanied by my own commentaries and analyses.

I have never been a Babygate researcher and it's very unlikely that Palingates will reveal any new, groundbreaking information on this topic. All the material used in the Babygate posts is widely available and can be found in many other blogs, Palin Deceptions being the most comprehensive and accurate among them.

What Palingates does is look at all this material and ask any questions that may have been overlooked, comment on the inconsistencies in Sarah Palin's accounts of the events and wherever possible, use her own words from speeches, interviews and her book in order to raise the questions that need to be asked. A few people in the media are beginning to ask questions, while others have decided to accept Sarah Palin's version of the story at face value. Some have gone as far as trying to prove that Sarah Palin was indeed pregnant with Trig by publishing photographs where she looks pregnant.

Sarah Palin's problem is not that there aren't photos of her looking pregnant. Her problem is the existence of photos where she doesn't. Any non-expecting woman could strap on a pretend belly and look pregnant, but I very much doubt that a pregnant woman could "unstrap" a real belly and look as flat as Sarah Palin did when she claimed to be seven months pregnant.

If we're going to believe in what can see instead of asking questions about what we can't, then we'll have to come to the conclusion that the governor of California had a very normal pregnancy. We can even see a bare pregnant belly!

The Governator appears to have been the first GOP politician to fake a pregnancy. Sarah Palin was the second. The difference is that Arnie was a lot more convincing than Sarah and his abs are a lot tighter than hers! If we rely on photos of what we can see, it's easier to believe that Arnie really gave birth to this baby than to believe that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

A minor romantic comedy gave a better illusion of pregnancy than Sarah Palin's ill conceived "reality" drama. While it's acceptable to suspend disbelief when watching a film, it's definitely not acceptable to do it when an ambitious politician attempts to perpetrate a major fraud in pursuit of her ambitions.

(H/T to UQ for the Junior material and to inmylife for the fake belly picture)

The questions about Sarah Palin's mysterious pregnancy started a long time ago. Here are a few links to earlier summaries and some theories about it:

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(H/T to Amy1 and texasgal2009 for the links)

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As you can see, Palingates wasn't the first and it's only one among many blogs and sites to question Sarah Palin's story of her pregnancy with Trig. Keep googling!

Finally, let's wish Trig a happy third birthday, according to his "official" birth date.