Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sarah Palin Strikes Again - VIDEO

Sarah Palin went on Judge Jeanine Pirro's show last night and spouted her usual tried and tested common sense catchphrases: "The left wants to make us sit down and shut up," "We have to draw a line in the sand," and a few others...

She was particularly aggressive when talking about the president, accusing him of using the troops as political pawns.

Other highlights:

Rep Ryan's proposals are a good start but don't go far enough.

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and entitlement programs like Medicaid and Medicare can and should be on the table when considering budget cuts.

Iraq and other countries that counted on any assistance from the US should compensate the US if they have the resources. In the case of Iraq, their oil.

President Obama is insulting Americans by shoving stuff down their throats.

Republicans and the Tea Party have to be more aggressive.

Sarah Palin talking about the president's birth certificate

The best bit was about president Obama's birth certificate. She thinks it's wonderful that Donald Trump is using his resources to get to the bottom of it because there are so many people interested in this. Sarah Palin believes that Obama was born in Hawaii because there was a birth announcement in a newspaper, but thinks he's hiding something because he spent 2 million dollars to prevent it from being made public. "There must be something in that birth certificate he doesn't want people to see."

Well, well.. there must be something in Trig's birth certificate that Sarah Palin doesn't want the world to see. Is there a Donald Trump out there prepared to spend some money to get to the bottom of it? It would interest the American public just as much as Obama's "secrets."

Trig Palin, official birth date: April 18, 2008.
Seen here hours after arriving 5 weeks prematurely,
weighing 6 lb 2 oz

I have changed the photo of Trig because I had mistakenly used a picture taken at a later date. (H/T to minnesotamud)