Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Open thread - Wednesday

Mrsgunka received her Decorah Eagles prize, provided by Sleuth. The original winner, who had estimated the time of the third hatch correctly, asked Sleuth to give the prize to Mrsgunka. Macandcheesewiz was distracted by some real life issues and felt unable to get in touch with Sleuth at the time, so she offered it to Mrsgunka, a great Decorah Eagle enthusiast.

Sleuth produced some really nice notecards from screenshots taken at appropriate moments in what had become compulsive viewing, much like a soap opera. There was drama, many tender moments and some humour provided by our eagle friends. Watching the Decorah eagles has been a fascinating experience, shared by millions of people. We're still watching and the fluffy white eaglets look very different now. I think they look quite funny with their huge feet!

I would like to thank Sleuth for her lovely gesture. The open threads offer readers the opportunity to take a break from the frustrating business of exposing the truth about "you know who" and to contribute their ideas and initiatives. Sleuth did just that, with very satisfying results.

Congratulations to Macandcheesewiz and Mrsgunka. Thank you, Sleuth.