Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Myth: The Liberal Media Bias

Part 4 of the conversation between Laura Novak and Brad Scharlott has been published.

Prof Scharlott remarked that the ADN has little room for independent journalism, as they receive a considerable amount of money from the state of Alaska as part of their revenue.

Sarah Palin had a "shrine" on the ADN when she was governor. Readers could follow their hot governor as one would a film star, they could send in their own photos with Sarah, it was really neat. Sometime after Sarah quit on Alaska, the shrine became redundant, but it made a comeback after she turned into a national celebrity. The state already contributed to the ADN's revenue when the shrine first appeared, so it was paid for. Now it generates hits and the state is still paying for sympathetic coverage of Sarah Palin. Plus ça change...

The so-called journalists who recovered their memories after three years and are now offering their first hand testimonies of the existence of Sarah Palin's pregnant belly appear to have been made an offer they couldn't refuse, a nudge they couldn't ignore...

Other journalists jumped on the anti-truther bandwagon, including the very liberal Guardian, from the UK. I can't work out what went on there, but the author of the article (a woman) accused Trig truthers of misogyny. This woman didn't look into any of the material offered by the bloggers who have been discussing the story for the past three years, or she would have noticed that the female contingent is very strong. Women were the first to doubt Sarah Palin's account of her pregnancy and labour with Trig. Is she accusing a vast number of women of misogyny?

It seems that the liberal media bias is a myth. They're not biased at all. It's matter of not being independent, of having to take their orders from those who have the power to jeopardize their livelihoods. It's a form of subtle, disguised censorship.

Or perhaps they're just lazy.

There are notable exceptions, of course. All is not lost and the truly independent thinkers will continue to ask awkward questions...

Here are some of these questions, just in case a curious journalist decides to find out what all this fuss is about:

Questions the Media Could (Respectfully) Ask Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin's Pregnancy: No More Conspiracy Theories - Just the Facts
A Doctor Finds Sarah Palin's Wild Ride Absurd

[The illustration above used to mean "See no evil, ear no evil, speak no evil." These days, not wishing to see, hear or speak the inconvenient truth seems more appropriate.]

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin takes advantage of the fair and balanced attitude of Fox News to ask a question of her own:

Sarah gets very animated when she talks about president Obama's "secrets!"