Saturday, 9 April 2011

Babygate returns

There's renewed interest in Babygate since the publication of Professor Brad Scharlott's paper on the role of the media in the Sarah Palin Pregnancy Hoax. As most Babygate posts are now truncated due to missing photographs, I have created a new label, "Babygate Review," which should address the problem for the moment.

New posts with photo comparisons will be added in due course and I hope to write some condensed posts covering the topic, offering readers a comprehensive summary of the Babygate topic. There are other blogs with very good Babygate resources, but as Palingates has covered it extensively, it makes sense to try and restore some of the posts on the topic for the benefit of new readers.

I'll start by posting some photo compilations by our reader WayofPeace, which appeared on Bree Palin's blog originally (Please bear in mind that Heidi Klum has given birth on October 9, 2009, after the compilations were first put together):

I made this video a while ago, it contains more celebrity comparisons:

Apart from all the ins and outs of this complicated story, even if some are inclined to believe Sarah Palin was indeed pregnant, her appearance seems to put image concious celebrities in a bad light. They are much younger than Sarah Palin, but have neglected to take steps to emulate Sarah's incredible tight abs.

I'm surprised Sarah Palin hasn't produced a fitness video on how to achieve a "flat" pregnancy. So many women would benefit from it! It's hard work going around sporting cumbersome bellies for months and a flat abdomen is much more photogenic, don't you think?

Details of Sarah Palin's "Wild Ride"