Sunday, 7 March 2010

Breaking down the walls

Breaking the wall small

Breaking down the walls

Sarah Palin has divided Americans into "real" ones and the rest. I'm sure all real Americans out there feel aggrieved by this division.

It's very sad that now the progressive blogosphere appears to be divided between Alaskan and non-Alaskan.

I consider myself a citizen of the world and started this blog believing that, regardeless of where I was born or where I lived, I could make some small contribution to a certain subject: the truth about Sarah Palin.

I have always been happy about sharing information, but after spending 5, 6, 8 hours researching a topic, trying to make everything watertight, it is a bit upsetting to see it somewhere else without aknowledgement. To have it called undeserved credit is bewildering.

The blog roll on the sidebar reflects a common ground. Some of the links are a bit silly, so readers can take a break from what we call the "gates". But in general, the links point to blogs where people can learn more about the one and only Sarah Palin. It's going to stay as it is.

The only way I, as a real person, living in the real world, can start to comprehend what's going on is to believe that there was a massive misunderstanding that led to an incomprehensible division. Patrick and Kathleen, who have joined me after we spent some time together, are just as confused. We are more than internet buddies. We shared a lot of real things, we shared our families and friends. We have the same world view and would like to make this world a better place for all of us.

I can't understand how it came to pass that our contributors and readers have been reduced to trolls, hijacking threads and other such misdeeds. Our readers are hurt, uncomfortable and confused. That's unsavoury and it makes me very sad.

I don't really understand what's going on, we have nothing to hide and would like to continue to do what we set out to do in the first place, without unnecessary distractions.

Please continue to visit your favourite blogs, continue to keep yourselves informed, don't take sides. We're all on the same side.

If we build walls instead of breaking them down, Sarah Palin scores yet another undeserved point.

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