Friday, 26 March 2010

Sarah Palin Raises Money For Alan Grayson

By Kathleen

Alan Grayson, in his recent fundraising message, took a neat swipe at Sarah Palin’s distorted view of “Real America” when he wrote that she would never understand that America is a country of people who believe in doing “good things for the benefit of all”. In response to her recent visit to Florida,

and her attack on him, he’s hoping to send a resounding message to Sarah by means of a “moneybomb” fundraising extravaganza which ends on March 27th 2010.

The following is the letter that Alan sent out to his supporters on the 17th March asking for their support in order to beat back Sarah Palin. It’s clear from this and from subsequent media interviews that Alan has a very keen awareness of exactly the type of person that Sarah is and what it is she stands for. In his usual erudite yet humorous fashion he even offers to debate with Sarah on the issues.

Last week, Sarah Palin came to Orlando to help defeat me. Palin gave a speech in which she said that the Republicans needed “take me out.” Like she was shooting a moose from a helicopter.

This week, you and I got 75 cosponsors for our Medicare You Can Buy Into Act. 75 co-sponsors, in six days.

We did this together, with People Power. I was talking to members on the floor of the House, and you were sending e-mails and phone calls. My colleagues told me about all the creative ways that you reached them. Many of you forwarded to me the messages you sent.

THAT is what a movement looks like. THAT is the America we believe in, where we help each other, where we do good things for the benefit of all. It is an America that Palin would never understand, despite her formidable powers of comprehension.

And here is something else that we’ve done together. We’ve put together a campaign to beat back Sarah Palin. A campaign not funded by favor-seeking rich people and corporations, but by people like you. Last quarter, you helped me raise $500,000 dollars in one day, an average of $50 at a time. This blew away fundraising for every other House campaign, including people that took money from insurance companies, Wall Street, and defense contractors.

And you sent a message that was heard loud and clear. We like leaders with guts. And now, despite all the right-wing stalling and kvetching, we are going to get things done.

Let’s send that message again. On March 27, we’re going to drop another moneybomb on the special interests.

And what was my response to the Queen of the Quitters? I said that I looked forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them.

Naturally, Sarah will never accept his invitation to honest debate because Alan would dissolve her in moments and she would be melted into air, into thin air. It would be a perfect Shakespearean moment…

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