Friday, 5 March 2010

Sarah Palin's psychos terrifying Tina Fey

The March 15 issue of Globe magazine has a disturbing headline:


We all know how good the palinbots are at terrifying people. Tina Fey has not escaped their subtle treatment.

The comic, whose spot-on impressions of Alaska's former Republican governor tickled America's funny bone during the 2008 presidential campaign, says she's now scared for her life after receiving hate mail from some rabid Palin supporters.

Ironically, Fey's parents are Republicans. And as an independent voter, she says she's"appalled" by the partisan nature of politics on both sides of the aisle.

"It's scary to be in that world of politics," she says. "I feel uncomfortable to be in that discussion."

The world of politics can be scary, but it has become positively something out of a horror movie since Sarah Palin came into the scene.

While Sarah Palin can be very entertaining as a celebrity, she's not so funny when it comes to politics. We should hope that after her debut as a Hollywood swag grabber she would dedicate more time to her celebrity side and leave politics to less scary people.

Many people have been threatend in her name and she never took any responsibility for any of these ugly events. From bloggers to judges to real entertainers, quite a few innocent people are now scared for their lives. I wish they will remain safe.

Tread carefully, Sarah. Many celebrities have met very "grizzly" fates in the hands of their own fans. Courting an uneducated, unbalanced crowd could seriously backfire.

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