Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sarah Palin's obsession with the hand

Sarah Palin is obsessed with the hand. She brought it up again at the Right to Life event in Ohio last night.

We reported exclusively back in January that the tickets for the private reception at this gig were being sold for $1,000. The less affluent paid $40 for general admission.

Do you think it was good value for money, at $40 or $1,000 (with a copy of Going Rogue thrown in) to listen to a hand obsessed anecdote that she had already used a couple of nights before on The Tonight Show?

Sarah used the hand while campaigning for Rick Perry in Texas, "Hi Mom!"

sp hi mum

It all started with the crib notes at the teabaggers ball, of course.

sp hand
sp hand 2

Poor woman, somebody needs to write some new material for her comedy routines, this hand thing is getting a bit stale...

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