Sunday, 7 March 2010

Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston go ice fishing in Alaska - UPDATE


Kathy Griffin is currently in Alaska and has hooked up with her old buddy Levi Johnston. AP published a report about the events and recapitulates them in a rather dry, very correct, non-confrontational style. It's almost like they wanted to make sure that "nobody" would be offended by this report:

"ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Comedian Kathy Griffin has brought her "Life on the D-List" show to Sarah Palin's home state, skewering the former Alaska governor at a raucous show in Anchorage.

Griffin was escorted on stage on Friday by Playgirl model Levi Johnston, who fathered a child with Palin's oldest daughter and is involved in a child support battle with Bristol Palin.

Griffin said she spent a day ice fishing with Johnston in Wasilla, and was surprised when 19-year-old Levi's friend brought along a camera - but only to photograph the fish they caught.

Griffin helped Johnston's celebrity star to rise, taking the aspiring actor to an awards show last year as her date. While in Wasilla, Griffin said she also went to Palin's home. There she left a note, inviting Palin to Friday's performance.

She asked the crowd to look around and see if anyone was doing a pageant wave.

Griffin said John McCain picked Palin to be his running mate on the Republican ticket after "talking to her for 10 minutes."

Of Palin's monologue this week on "The Tonight Show," Griffin only promised the audience she would never try to be a mayor.

Griffin also claimed Palin is a "gift that keeps on giving."

Griffin welcomed news that Palin is trying to shop a reality show or docudrama about Alaska. She called that a "gift from God."

Griffin is in Anchorage to coincide with Saturday's start of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. She was to have attended several events leading up to the race, including the musher's banquet and made many jokes about the annual Trappers and Miners Ball."

As no clips from these events seem to be available so far, I would like to draw your attention to two older clips which are particularly entertaining. In the first clip which was broadcast in November 2008, Kathy Griffin talks about Sarah Palin. The second clip is not Palin-related, but very enlightening. Kathy Griffin talks with Joy Behar about sexism in Hollywood.

Talking about older clips which are worth to be revisited: Here is Tina Fey talking about her Sarah Palin impressions in October 2008.

Sarah Palin actually accused Tina Fey of "exploiting" her - the Young Turks published a nice report about her remarks.



A video of Kathy Griffin's performance on Mach 5, 2010 in Anchorage is now available:

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