Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Open Thread - St Patricks Day

Sarah Palin and the Irish – With apologies to the Irish and those of Irish ancestry
By Kathleen

Sarah’s refuelling stop at Shannon airport was an ace of spades trumped by her handlers as proof of her Foreign policy credentials during the 2008 election. It’s likely that Sarah’s imaginary itinerary included a visit to the duty free shop to purchase some pieces of the Blarney Stone, as she is so well known for her natural speaking talents...

The Sun informs us that according to Sarah’s great great grandfather, Francis Oriol, during the 1740 Irish potato famine, Sarah’s forefathers migrated to the US.

Perhaps her visit to Shannon airport was a quest in search of her roots?

However, despite reports to the contrary, we are still on the lookout for an Irish cousin who wants to disown Sarah Palin. Reports by ABC in February that her Irish cousin, a Church of Ireland pastor, had disowned her, were unfortunately part of a spoof post written by a satirical blog.

We remain, as ever, hopeful. Irish relatives suffering from Sarah Palin relationship doubt are welcome to contact us by email at

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