Friday, 5 March 2010

The real Sarah Palin: Fake politician, fake celebrity

It's quite interesting how often the word "fake" is associated with Sarah Palin. Fake mayor, fake energy expert, fake governor, fake pregnancy, fake hockey mom, fake hunter, fake bus tour, fake hair, fake donations to causes... it's a very, very long list.

Considering that Sarah Palin also has a fake sense of humour, it doesn't come as surprise to find out that her performance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show had to be enhanced with fake laughter.

Michael Stinson, who, among other things, has a background in sound engineering, had an article posted on Daily Kos giving a blow-by-blow account of the new stand-up comedian's routine on Jay Leno's show.

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It didn't look very promising at the start of the interview, as Sarah launched into her usual talking points like a wind-up doll: pull the cord and the pre-recorded soundbites come out in that familiar screechy voice, in no particular order. That's funny enough, I suppose. Even funnier is watching Sarah Palin trying to prove she has a sense of humour. The problem is that she IS very funny when she's NOT trying to be funny. The woman is a joke.

Of course, that kind of laughter would be out of place in a fake interview on a fake program hosted by a fake funny guy.

Enter the experts and it all appeared to go swimmingly for funny Sarah Palin. She read her fake funny lines off the teleprompter and was rewarded with... fake laughter.

Oh well, it's one more "fake" to add to the ever growing list of the accomplishments of a "real" American!

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