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You have got healthcare! Now Alan Grayson wants you to have the Public Option as well! - UPDATE! Alan Grayson talks Sarah Palin!

By Kathleen

In a Huffington Post article published today, Alan Grayson, congressman of Florida, describes his own near-death experience and the reasons why he wants to progress a bill, HR 4789, that will be accessible to all citizens and legal residents of the US.

Rep. Grayson writes that as a young boy he was aware that his parents, who were both unemployed at the time, were concerned that they would have to choose between paying the rent or pay for treatment which required him to attend hospital four times a week.

It must have been a stark choice for any parent to have to make and the undue burden of such knowledge by Grayson at such a stressful time likely would have led to a worsening of his condition due to the unnecessary anxiety he must have suffered.

As a result of his own experience, Grayson strongly feels that children should never have to suffer because of situations that their parents may find themselves in. Such suffering he believes is unconscionable and although he supported Sunday’s historic bill he wants to see it extended to open up the provision of Medicare to anyone who wants to pay into the system. He considers his Bill as enhancing the new framework – that it will “complete the job” already started.

Alan Grayson discusses his proposal further in the video:

Can Grayson’s proposal work? I believe that it can, because the Bill that he has put forward is both simple and affordable. Everyone will have a choice – pay into the Medicare system or buy private insurance from a private company. The Bill offers competition to the private providers and no longer would American citizens find themselves at the mercy of private companies when it comes to the choice of health coverage.

Here is Grayson’s Bill which now has 80 co-sponsors in the House and more than 40,000 citizen co-sponsors:

H. R. 4789

To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for an option for any citizen or permanent resident of the United States to buy into Medicare.


March 9, 2010

Mr. GRAYSON (for himself, Mr. FILNER, Mr. POLIS of Colorado, Ms. PINGREE of Maine, Ms. SHEA-PORTER, Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts, Mr. KUCINICH, Ms. EDWARDS of Maryland, Ms. WATSON, and Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means


To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for an option for any citizen or permanent resident of the United States to buy into Medicare.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Public Option Act’ or the `Medicare You Can Buy Into Act’.

(a) In General- Part A of title XVIII of the Social Security Act is amended–
(1) in section 1818(a), by striking `or 1818A’ and inserting `, 1818A, or 1818B’; and
(2) by inserting after section 1818A the following new section:

`Sec. 1818B.
`(a) In General- (a) Every individual who–
`(1) is a resident of the United States;
`(2) is either (A) a citizen or national of the United States, or (B) an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence; and
`(3) is not otherwise entitled to benefits under this part or eligible to enroll under this part;
shall be eligible to enroll in the insurance program established by this part. An individual may enroll under this section only in such manner and form as may be prescribed in regulations, and only during an enrollment period prescribed in or under this section.
`(b) Enrollment; Coverage- The Secretary shall establish enrollment periods and coverage under this section consistent with the principles for establishment of enrollment periods and coverage for individuals under section 1818, except that no entitlement to benefits under this part shall be effective before the first day of the first calendar year beginning after the date of the enactment of this Act.
`(c) Premiums-

`(1) IN GENERAL- The provisions of subsections (d)(1), (d)(2), and (d)(3) of section 1818 insofar as they apply to premiums (including collection of premiums) shall apply to premiums
and collection of premiums under this section, except that–

`(A) paragraphs (4) and (5) of section 1818 shall not be applicable; and
`(B) the estimate of the monthly actuarial rate under section 1818(d) shall be computed and applied under this paragraph based upon costs incurred for individuals within each age cohort specified in paragraph (2) rather than for all individuals age 65 and older.

`(2) AGE COHORTS- The age cohorts specified in this paragraph are as follows:

`(A) Individuals under 19 years of age.
`(B) Individuals at least 19 years of age but not more than 25 years of age.
`(C) Individuals at least 26 years of age and not more than 35 years of age.
`(D) Individuals at least 36 years of age and not more than 45 years of age.
`(E) Individuals at least 46 years of age and not more than 55 years of age.
`(F) Individuals at least 56 years of age and not more than 64 years of age.
`(d) Treatment- An individual enrolled under this part pursuant to this section shall not be treated as enrolled under this part (or any other part of this title) for purposes of obtaining medical assistance for medicare cost-sharing or otherwise under title XIX.’.


Of course this provision is not headache free. It will be attractive to people who are self-employed, unemployed, part-time workers and those who are uninsurable but it is unlikely that such groups, apart from the self-employed, will be able to pay the full cost of the premiums unless they are subsidised. It is also dependent on the fact that health care providers will have to be willing to provide care to new Medicare patients who are covered by a system which presently pays less for treatment than private companies do.

More important however, what Grayson’s practical Bill provides is an opportunity to open up healthcare provision to all “Real America” citizens. It is not a Bill for the corporations – it is a Bill for the people. Surely, Sarah Palin does not have a problem with that? After all, she did boast that she stood up against the corruption of the oil corporations, didn’t she?


If you want to read about Sarah Palin's most recent healthcare lies, please read Geoffrey Dunn's and Amanda Coyne’s articles published today.



We now have the clip of Alan Grayson talking to Rick Sanchez on CNN.

He talks about his proposal for the Public Option and he also doesn't pull any punches regarding Sarah Palin again!

"My kid was in school that day" - great response! He also invited Sarah to debate the healthcare issues with him, "so that she learns anything about them".

"Sarah Palin is an inspiration for quitters all over the country!" - so true!

"She is an inspiration for every student in school who cheats!"

"She is not even a political figure any more, she is just a reality show personality, she just wants to make money, that's it!"

Please don't hold back, Alan! ;-)

We officially love Alan Grayson!

(h/t to krbmjb05!)

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