Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another look at Housegate

Housegate has captured the imagination of many readers. We compared photos of the Sports Complex in Wasilla with photos of Sarah Palin's house many times and discussed all the possibilities of any wrongdoing.

Unfortunatelly, since the long article on the New York Village Voice - The Book of Sarah - no new information has come to light. The article appeared on October 8, 2008.

There are several oddities and coincidences regarding Sarah Palin's house, but it would take more than a few discussions on a blog to make this into a real "gate." Ted Stevens nearly faced a prison sentence for something similar, but the investigations were not carried out by a blogger... we may ask questions, but we can't make the charges stick.

  • Both the Sports Complex and Sarah Palin's house were built within the same timeframe, using the same building materials supplier - Spenard - who contributed to Sarah Palin's gubernatorial campaign and sponsored Todd Palin's team on the Iron Dog races.
  • Todd Palin claimed to have built the 3,450 ft $552,000 house, which features enormous windows, with the help of a few of his buddies in their spare time.
  • Sarah Palin blocked an effort to require the filing of building permits as mayor of Wasilla, so there is no record of who Todd’s “buddies” were.
  • The enormous windows and staircase railings appear to be a tribute to the architecture of the Sports Complex.

These are the things that raised the red flag, but we don't know if they were ever investigated by the proper authorities. We have noticed that anything investigated by the Alaskan authorities have a tendency to come to nothing when it involves Sarah Palin.

Perhaps we should pin our hopes on the dreaded "feds..."

Please read previous Housegate posts on Palingates and look at all the pictures.

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