Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Taking a vow of silence - or not

There is a campaign going on, urging people to take a pledge of silence about all things regarding Sarah Palin for a whole month.

I'm as tempted as anybody else who can't take much more of this (silly, shallow, vengeful, lying, ignorant, scandal prone, vitriolic, rabble-rousing) person to take this pledge.

The last paragraph became convoluted because of the many adjectives used to describe Sarah Palin. We all talk about her but we focus on different aspects of her persona. As long as we talk about her...

Sarah Palin has a strong voice. Regardless of this voice being screechy, it IS heard, far and wide. She doesn't hold public office, so her influence is on a par with Limbaugh's, Beck's, Coulter's and other assorted characters. She's the most colourful and most interesting of the lot. So we look at her, read and hear her words, from tweets to speeches. And we talk and we talk and we talk about her.

I won't take the pledge, but on the other hand, I won't dedicate space to her every tweet or analyse each word issued from her mouth or her keypad.

Concentrating on Sarah Palin's actual record and bringing it to the fore in the context of more recent developments seems more productive to me.

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