Thursday, 10 February 2011

Open thread - Thursday

ItCouldHappenInAmerica sent in this peaceful picture and explained:

It's called Beach Zen and I took it at Deception Pass beach which is in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. Someone had taken the time to stack the rocks on the driftwood and I was lucky enough to come across the scene before it got knocked down or washed away by the tide.

I'm glad she managed to capture this beautiful sculpture in time and was so generous to share it with us.

The delicate textures may be seen in full detail by clicking on the image.

As this is an open thread, I'd like to share an interesting link with you: Human Clock. Once it's up and running, click anywhere on the clock to see what happens. Observe either version for a while. It's fascinating...

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Anonymous said...

Regina, I just got this blogger link when I clicked on the comments number. Weird. eclecticsandra