Monday, 14 February 2011

Recent bits and pieces about Sarah Palin

A Google search this morning about Sarah Palin in the news didn't yield many interesting results. The CPAC straw poll, the hiring of Michael Glassner and some musings about a possible running mate for Sarah in 2012 are the top stories.

Google couldn't help, but I was sent a very good link about Sarah Palin, Franklin Graham and some others in connection with USAID money meant for Haiti relief which seems to be finding a different destination, to be used for different purposes. (H/T to AB)

Our Government-Funded Mission to Make Haiti Christian: Your Tax Dollars, Billy Graham's Son, Monsanto and Sarah Palin

Franklin Graham with Sarah Palin in Haiti, December 2010

Here are a couple of snippets from Abe Sauer's article:

[...] U.S. taxpayer dollars are, against Presidential directive, being funneled from the United States Agency for International Development to Billy Graham's charities for use in Christian proselytizing—all while building Sarah Palin's 2012 campaign army.


Monsanto donated tons of corn and vegetable seed to Haitian farmers and has committed to donating hundreds of tons more in the coming months. But these seeds are hybrids, engineered not only so that they cannot naturally reproduce, but to assure Haitian farmers remain in hock to Monsanto in the future.

Please read the whole article.

Nomadic Joe also made some connections between Haiti and Sarah Palin's new chief-of-staff in an article on Politicalgates.

I find it scandalous that some people have no qualms in exploiting one of the poorest countries in the world in such cynical fashion. Sarah Palin appears to be very comfortable in the company of these despicable opportunists. Birds of a feather...

This is it for the moment. I'll give you more Sarah Palin bits and pieces next week, perhaps before, if something spectacular happens...

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