Sunday, 6 February 2011

Is Babygate politically relevant?

Babygate is not a gate in the true sense of the word. The political angles are tangential, but this would-be scandal has captured the imagination of many.

Perhaps the attraction lies in the "Desperate Housewives" plotline, transferred to real life by a sitting governor of state. I believe a comprehensive recap of this topic is unnecessary. A simple click on the "babygate" label* or a visit to the now frozen Palin Deceptions blog will guarantee many hours of reading and poring over a great number of photographs for the curious among us.

Some won't discuss it, while others will never tire of putting forward their pet theories about Sarah Palin's strange pregnancy.

I became attracted to Sarah Palin's story because of Babygate. After spending many hours reading about it, I started this blog. It soon became apparent that I had nothing to add to the ongoing theories. Having named the blog "Palingates," I had to look for different material and the obvious path was to study Sarah Palin's political career in detail.

Can Babygate bring Sarah Palin down? Considering that serious wrongdoings have been extensively reported and failed to touch her (yet), perhaps a "gate" denied so fiercely by her fans will do the trick. They refuse to discuss it and very infrequently offer some feeble excuses, just in case the story breaks in the national media. There have been recent rumours about it happening soon. The plot thickened a bit when Patrick's "Palin Deceives" account was reported to Flickr and inactivated a couple of days ago. I don't know what will happen to the Flickr account, but Patrick has every single photo saved to disk and may decide to publish them on another photo sharing site.

Babygate discussed in the MSM will be interesting and if proven, may disperse her small but ardent fan base. Will it interest the rest of the American public? Will it make Sarah Palin go away? I don't know. I still believe her record as a politician could do her aspirations a lot more damage because it belongs in the political arena and is not based on theories. Her record is documented in black & white and can't be spun as easily as her tabloid scandals.

I still don't have any new material or new theories about this topic and can't offer any more information.

With this Babygate reappraisal out of the way (but not dismissing it), I will once again turn my attention to the other topics.

* (Please note that many photos will be missing from the Babygate posts as they came from Patrick's Flickr account.)

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