Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Open thread - Tuesday



Today we have Linda 1961's beautiful cats, Shadow and Friday. Shadow looks very relaxed having a nap, as cats do. The second photo, featuring Friday, is very soft and has a watercolour quality to it.

Linda describes her cats:

The first is of Shadow, who loves to sleep on top of the sofa. The second is of my calico named Friday, who loves to snuggle between the pillows and a corner of the love seat. Shadow is outgoing, loves to check out visitors, but Friday is shy until she gets to know you. Both are great companions and I'm glad my daughters talked me into getting them!

Thank you, Linda, your cats are lovely.

Other business: my friends arrived from the UK yesterday and today I picked up my shiny, new, smooth (genuine qwerty) keyboard. Hurrah for not having any more sssssssssssssssss incidents!

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