Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bits and pieces about Sarah Palin

I have to be away from the computer today and can't reopen another old gate, so I selected a few stories about Sarah Palin that have been in the news recently. There's nothing terribly important. There are good news in a couple of them. I listed them last so we can enjoy them after the same old, same old: Her usual Obama bashing, non-committal statements and some spin.

Sarah Palin's non-appearance at Colorado non-profit sparks outcry from organization

"It is with great sadness and disappointment that we had to cancel the Patriots & Warriors Gala due to safety concerns resulting from very personal attacks against Sarah Palin [...]"

That's the spin.

I agree with some reports that said ticket sales were very bad, the organization cut the ticket prices and still they couldn't be shifted, so they cut their losses and cancelled. Sarah Palin is not the crowd magnet she used to be...

Does Sarah Palin support gay rights?

Gays and the GOP: Palin and Pawlenty Explore the Hornet's Nest

Sarah Palin did not say she supports gay marriage. She hasn't celebrated the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. But she also did not say that a gay Republican group should be banned from participating in a big Republican conference, and for that, social conservatives are begging her to "clarify."

It sounds like opportunism to me, but Sarah Palin appears to have been sitting on the fence or contradictory about the issue for a long time, according to the first article, from Alaska Dispatch.

Palin: Obama Can 'Pretend,' But Has 'No Desire' to Move to the Center

ERIC BOLLING, "FOLLOW THE MONEY" HOST: Well, I recall, I believe it was on the campaign trail when he met a plumber named Joe, who said you know, we need to spread the wealth a little bit. I think that seems pretty far left, no?

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR/FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: It's far left. And Eric, here's the deal, what we need to remember is from henceforth, after hearing that comment he just made, he has no intention, he could maybe pretend, he could kind of fake some of it that he's moving to the center, but no, fundamentally he has no desire to move to the center, he just said that to Bill O'Reilly. He just said, essentially, denied the need to move to the center.

Sarah Palin has bashed Obama... again. She's addicted to it and it can't be helped. The following article might aggravate her condition.

Polls Show Obama Leading Palin In Two More States He Lost In 2008

Add Georgia and Tennessee to the list of Republican leaning states that President Obama could win if Sarah Palin emerges as the GOP presidential nominee.

Two recent polls have found Obama leading Palin in hypothetical 2012 match-ups in those states, both of which went for John McCain in the 2008 election.

News Analysis: Sarah Palin Hasn’t Tweeted for Eight Days

Thank you, Sarah. Long may it continue.

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