Thursday, 3 February 2011

Open thread - Thursday

I wonder if the view from this window inflated the purchase price of Marieke02's home... Thank you for sharing, Marieke.

UPDATE: Some people are curious about the weather on Marieke's photo. It came with this message: "'s a picture I took just after a rip-roarer of a storm late last November. Somehow the emergent sunlight seems appropriate."

Now you know...


I forgot to mention a few things in yesterday's open thread post.

The weekly roundups seem unnecessary now. We have fewer comments on the main posts, which stay on topic and are easier to navigate. The twitter section was amusing, but not crucial. BTW, I'm not a Twitter person. If any readers would like to tweet links to the main posts, go for it. Thank you... The one thing from the roundups I think is worth keeping is the Links of the Week section. A collection of important links each week would be an easy to access resource. Any volunteers?

I also forgot to say that the blog roll now shows only the 25 most recently updated blogs. To access all the other links, please click on "Show all" and they'll appear. Showing fewer blogs at a time speeds up the loading of the page without compromising the list.

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