Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sarah Palin's dress sense - past and present

I'm in a frivolous mood and have been a bit distracted. As I have several photos of Sarah Palin wearing some fantastic clothes, I decided to embark on one of my silly photo comparisons.

Let's start with the good old days when Sarah Palin chose her own clothes, which brought us this great selection of very diverse attire, not always elegant and sometimes not terribly appropriate:

Her choices then were not Vogue material, but I feel we could see the real Sarah Palin, a more genuine version of the one presented to the nation during the campaign. I read somewhere that Alaskans don't make too much of a fuss about what they wear, they just want to feel comfortable. There is something refreshing about the governor feeling and acting the same way.

When the RNC dressed Sarah Palin and took care of her hair and make-up, the results were quite different, her image was carefully managed and I think she looked good. They made the most of her natural beauty.

Some expert advice and a lot of other people's money can work miracles!

Now Sarah Palin is a multi-millionaire and has a team of aides. Apparently, this team doesn't include a stylist or a personal shopper:

She seems very pleased with herself. But she lost much of her looks trying to improve them. Whereas before she became nationally famous she looked fresh and not affected, now her preocupation with her own image shows and the results don't match her ambitions. Her taste in clothes and accessories has not improved and she chose the wrong image for the job she desires.

Sarah Palin looked happier and more relaxed in Alaska. We were happier and more relaxed when she was in Alaska. Since 2008 we have been affected by her transformation and after she left Alaska behind to pursue fame and fortune on the national and international stages, her inner ugliness has extended to her critics as well, we've been infected. Sometimes we show very nasty signs of this terrible affliction and hurt each other nearly as much as she hurts the civil political discourse...

Please treat this as a kind of (political?) open thread, how long can anybody discuss Sarah Palin's clothes?

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