Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Open thread - Tuesday

A few weeks back, Peter and I went on a walk that was supposed to be a 5 mile affair. It turned out to be 7.5 miles!

As you can see, the participants were not exactly young. Peter is 64 (marked with an arrow), but was beaten by a 72 year old, our friend Liz.

(Grasshopper, are you paying attention?)

It was a very hot day and Peter didn't fare very well. I was doing ok, but kept worrying about Peter, as he was nowhere in sight. I dropped back, waiting to see my dear hubby appear around the corner. A French guy on a bike approached me, asked my name and informed me that my husband had decided to bail out. This charming guy offered to go and fetch Peter in his car. I agreed immediately, so he went to the village to get said car. When he came back, I was only too happy to jump in the car to go to Peter's rescue. My excuse was that Peter's French wasn't up to scratch.

We made several mistakes: We didn't take any water with us. Peter hates walking. It was very hot, not a good day for a novice.

There were some uphill stretches, which made things a bit harder. Peter doesn't do hills.

He's very fast up the stairs, though. Our cat, Pirate, competes with Peter for the computer chair, and even though the cat fares better, Peter holds a decent record.

Life is fun for retired folks in rural France!