Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sarah Palin's Wonderland

My husband came across an article that reminded him of the difference between Sarah Palin and other parents of children with special needs.

Where EVERYONE can play: Father builds theme park for special needs children... and names it after his own precious daughter

It's the theme park with a difference. Queues are deliberately kept short, attendance is restricted so there's not too much noise and it there's no gaudy advertising promising thrills and adventure.

Yet Morgan's Wonderland in Texas has proven a huge hit since it opened last year, attracting just the right number of visitors from 16 countries across the globe and from every American state except one.

The difference? Morgan's Wonderland is aimed squarely at children with disabilities, even if three out of every four of the people who pass through its gates are able bodied.

I did a bit of googling and found out a bit more about Gordon Hartman, the man who created the park, which, by the way, doesn't charge admission to individuals with special needs.

The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation was founded by Gordon and Maggie Hartman on September 27, 2005 to allow them to pursue their dream of helping children and adults who deal with the daily obstacles of cognitive and physical special needs. The Foundation’s initial funding of $10,000,000 came from a contribution from Gordon Hartman.

Gordon and Maggie’s decision to give their time and resources to this specific cause is inspired by their love for their daughter, Morgan, who copes daily with cognitive and physical challenges.

The Hartmans realized that they were blessed to be able to provide for Morgan’s needs in ways that many families could not. Therefore, they resolved to find creative ways to provide positive opportunities for individuals with special needs and their families.

Our Mission

The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of our friends with special needs. We invest our financial support, our time and ourselves into organizations that serve individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

“Philanthropy is much more than just investing your money in a cause... it is about investing yourself daily in the lives of others.”

--Gordon V. Hartman

Morgan's Wonderland started with an investment of $10 million.

I'm sure Sarah Palin has that amount to invest in a similar project, but I very much doubt we're going to see a Trig's Wonderland either in Alaska or Arizona...

Sarah Palin doesn't invest anything in any cause for special needs. All she does is talk about what a remarkable woman she is because she didn't abort her precious gift from God.

That's not philanthropy, it's opportunism.