Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sarah Palin - the shameless opportunist rides again - BONUS PHOTO

I'm too disgusted and can't find the words to comment on this woman right now. Strangely enough, Fox News caption asks if it's Rolling Thunder or Stolen Thunder.

Why did the guy stress it's not a campaign event? Is the bus tour part of her campaign? I thought it was a non-political educational tour...

So far, I've spotted Bristol, Piper and Todd . The whole family makes me sick, but Sarah Palin's voice in this clip is particularly revolting.

Yes, she did highjack the event, as expected. She doesn't have any shame and there's nothing or nobody she won't use for her own ends.

Over to you. Your comments will be a lot better than anything I can say at the moment.


It never fails....

(H/T to UQ)