Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Your day will come, Sarah Palin

As we follow Sarah Palin's shenanigans, it becomes very difficult to tell who's the victim when she makes allegations against others. There are at least three young men who crossed her and two of them had their lives turned upside down.

Shawn Christie doesn't appear to play with a full set of marbles and the courts in Alaska don't seem to look at the whole picture when weighing the evidence against this young man. I think this case is more complicated than the picture presented to the public, even when we take Christie's admissions into account.

Sarah Palin (and her daughter) don't stick to telling the truth and nothing but the truth when giving evidence, as seen in David Kernell's trial. Kernell is serving a prison sentence for guessing (or shall we say googling?) the answer to the security question for Sarah Palin's Yahoo government e-mail account. Sarah Palin's open and transparent government...

Apart from custody proceedings, Levi Johnston has avoided the courts. He was accused of using his son Tripp to make money and promote himself. It's all a bit strange, when the person who made the accusations has just invited the cameras into her private life with the same son, in a house she's going to share with her new best friend and his brother.

Bristol Palin, "not" exploiting her son

There are two sides to every story and while I don't condone breaking the law to inconvenience Sarah Palin, I find the authorities tend to take Sarah Palin's statements at face value, giving her very unfair advantage against young people with few resources.

I hope the day will come when Sarah Palin will finally find herself as the defendant in a courtroom. I hope the authorites will give her the same treatment these young men were given. I hope her punishment will be just as disproportionate as David Kernell's. I hope the judge and the jury will disregard any extenuating circumstances. I hope they will notice her inevitable compulsion to tell lies. I hope she gets very long sentences for each of her crimes.

I also hope her family will be banned from capitalizing on her downfall and that we will be spared an endless series of reality shows featuring this very sorry bunch of people.