Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sarah Palin Feels Blessed - UPDATE 2

Sarah Palin found a novel way of helping victims of natural disasters. Practical help is good, but ultimately, what's most important is spiritual help. Showing people that they're loved and cared for to the point of being humbled really touches her heart.

[Watch the video]

Sarah BFF Greta Von Susteren wrote:

I saw the Governor Palin tweet about the Bin Laden pics and tried to find her to see if she would go ON THE RECORD at 10pm and tell us why she disagrees with the President.

I could not find her ...but finally found some information as to where she is and what she is doing! She is with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samariatan's Purse [sic] and there is video to prove it!

Greta is promoting Sarah Palin's latest opportunistic photo-op. Did she listen to what Sarah had to say?

Here's a translation for you, Greta:

"I'm here for a photo-op with Franklin Graham and his chaplains to do what's really important, to show these people how much they're loved. Between practical help and spiritual help, I choose what touches my heart, as long as I don't have to touch my own purse."

Todd Todd Todd, Sarah Palin and a humbled local

To be fair, Sarah and Todd Todd Todd helped clear some of the debris. Sarah felt blessed:

"It feels great to be working out here. I hope more people sign up with Samaritan's Purse so they can be blessed like I am today."

There aren't any crises these opportunists won't exploit. Sarah Palin tagged along with Franklin Graham and his Evangelical Circus on his trips to Western Alaska, Haiti and now Alabama.

Western Alaska: Sarah took cookies and Evangelical pamphlets
to help the villagers
during the energy crisis

Haiti: Sarah took her hair, Bristol and Todd Todd Todd for the photo-op

Sarah Palin is blessed with an unfailing ability to spot opportunities for self promotion. Blessed indeed...


Reader ToesInTheSand left this comment, which I think should be added to the post:

"My home was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan in Sep. 2004. When I returned to my "home" I stayed there to prevent looting and protect the few items I had left in a surviving room on the 2nd floor, with my dog at my side(and a shotgun). Since the house was gutted to the studs on the 1st floor I had to stay alert.

During DAYLIGHT hours many volunteers were there to help me remove debris (Pineles cnty. deputies, local people w/o damage, etc), the Red Cross came by in the morning and afternoon with food and water and I'll never forget the lone man who dropped off coffee every morning and dog treats too!

Only ONCE did some religious organization stop by, at DUSK mind you, I won't name them. 8 people climbed out of their van, 1 with a video camera, another with a still camera, 1st they stepped onto MY property and posed for pictures, the video guy began filming MY home. Their footage was to be shown later on their "show".

I was watching from a broken window upstairs, not sure what to think, they didn't have a U-Haul so I assumed they weren't there to haul "valuables" away. My dog and I went downstairs and I politely asked them to leave as we were hunkering down for a long night in the dark. They asked me why I was staying in this mess. I told them to protect my property and also, there was NOWHERE to go.

They formed a circle, held hands and asked me to join them in prayer and also wanted me to pose for a picture. I asked them to leave unless they wanted to help me move another stack of debris to the curb for pick up in the AM. [we had a timeline to adhere to] They looked at me like I was crazy.

As my dog and I backed them up to the road one woman in the group said that they would pray for me and that I SHOULD pray as well as God will be the one who will get me through this. One person with them was someone I would call a "well known wannabe political player". This was a photo op for him. "Look how much he's helping!" What a joke. And they all wore matching t-shirts too. As they left, I watched him grab part of a fallen tree, just a smaller branch, drag it to the "vegetation pile" and get his picture taken.

When I saw that photo of Palin it brought back so many memories. If I am ever in this situation again and Palin appeared, I cannot be held responsible for my actions."


Sarah Palin's ad for Samaritan's Purse: