Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sarah Palin, we have a few questions for you

Reader tada did a bit of digging into Safari Investments LLC and found something very interesting.

Our reader asked a couple of questions:

I think Safari Investments LLC "incorporated" on 05/12/2011 is the same entity as the one incorporated back in 1996:

Safari Investments LLC purchased the AZ mansion on 05/13/2011 for $1.695 million. I don't think the company could have incorporated, set up bank accounts and transfer $1.695 million into the bank account in just one day. I think the 1996 entity was REINSTATED on 05/12/2011. Thus, the bank accounts were already in place and "fully funded". If so, what was the purpose of setting up this entity in 1996 and what financial transactions took place between 1996 and 2011? And why no mention of Safari Investments LLC on any financial disclosure forms?

Well, Sarah Palin, do you have an answer to these questions?

Why did you have an LLC in Delaware before your election as mayor of Wasilla in October 1996? Why did you need an LLC in March of that year?

We're going to dig a bit more and ask a few more questions, Sarah Palin.