Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sarah Palin - Venom, Paranoia and Opportunism

An article by Paul Jenkins on the ADN paints an interesting picture of Sarah Palin, even though he criticizes Frank Bailey quite harshly. Jenkins contrasts the "truth" as shown in the film "The Undefeated" and the truer picture that may (or may not) emerge when the long awaited government e-mails are released.

Enter Bannon [the film maker]. Forget the painfully obvious Goebbels shots and ask yourself this: Which of the two scheduled releases -- the emails or the propaganda film -- do you think is most likely to provide the truer picture of the lovely Sarah P.? Which will do her the most damage if she decides to stop playing coy and announce for the presidency she can see from her new house in Arizona?

The emails are going to be -- if released in readable form after passing through lawyers' hands and being scrubbed by the governor's office -- delicious. There likely will be little good news in them for her. Having read only snippets of emails in Palin staffer Frank Bailey's book, "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin," or "Hey, I Got Emails Nobody Else Can Get and I Can Make Some Dough," the venom, bullying, intimidation, absolute paranoia and craziness of the Palin administration spins off the pages.

I'm afraid that nearly three years is plenty of time to redact, lose and tinker with these e-mails, so there won't be much left to offer a true picture of the quitter governor. The simple fact that these e-mails were not released promptly, considering Palin's very short tenure as governor, tells a good story, even if the e-mails won't. It indicates that she had a lot to hide, open and transparent that she is...

Reminded of her transparent opportunism, I wonder if we'll catch a glimpse of the newest biker chick in town along the Rolling Thunder route.

Rolling Thunder schedule

North Pentagon Parking Lot, Arlington, VA. Opens 7:00 am on the Sunday before the Monday observing Memorial Day.

The 2011 run takes place on Sunday, May 29th.

The run departs the parking lot at noon and takes several hours (from start to finish) to complete. The area police have many streets restricted so the only entry is via the North Pentagon parking lot.

What am I saying? Of course we'll hear something about Sarah Palin at the Rolling Thunder event! After all, Memorial Day is all about her. Everything is about her.

Even Fox News agrees that she's trying to steal the Rolling Thunder.