Friday, 13 May 2011

Phew! Was it a Friday the 13th thing?

Blogger appears to have solved whatever problem they had. The only snag is that they deleted all posts from the start of the problem. They're nowhere to be found... it seems we lost two of them.

Gryphen says Blogger promised the missing posts will be restored. If not, I'll repost the tribute to Pallottine's brother Tommy and leave it at that.

One of the scheduled posts, now lost, invited readers to visit Laura Novak's blog to read a doctor's take on Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's famous "medical records" letter. Please read and comment on it, the doctor was quite candid, a refreshing change...

Now I'm going to work on today's open thread, then call it a day.

I lost faith in Blogger and spent the day investigating alternatives, but none of them is as intuitive as Blogger and I'm not terribly sharp when it comes to jargon, so we're stuck with this easy to use, but no longer trustworthy platform...

Let's hope they won't pull another stunt like this, it's very disruptive.

We'll be back to business as usual tomorrow. [Where did I see this expression before?]