Sunday, 3 July 2011

Alaskans celebrate second anniversary of their freedom from Sarah Palin

Today Alaskans are celebrating Quitter's Day. These two videos immortalized that momentous day in 2009 in a creative and humorous way.

In 2010, the quitter received a very fitting accolade from a sensible Alaskan teacher:

Worst Governor Ever

WGE oozes charm

WGE wore very stylish boots

Perfect for the 46-year-old best ever CEO

I remember the day Sarah Palin quit very clearly. We had gone to England to sell our houseboat and had no TV or internet. My friend Hilary rang me from France, very excited: "Sarah Palin resigned! She's on the telly right now, giving a breathless speech!"

Sarah seems to save her big news for when I'm not around, it happened more than once.

Perhaps I should go on another trip. Sarah Palin may decide to quit being a pretend "maybe/maybe not" candidate and we could move on to more positive stuff (and have another anniversary to celebrate in the future).

2009: Quitter
2010: WGE
2011: Bye bye Sarah?

Happy anniversary, Alaskans! Don't you love your freedom?