Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sarah Palin's OPM

Sarah Palin's new cute expression is OPM: Other people's money. We know that Sarah relied on it for her family's bizarre vacation aboard the One Nation bus, but OPM is ok when the money goes to her lovely self.

Another source of OPM was the now defunct Alaska Fund Trust. A new defense fund was created, which promised to refund donors to the old legal fund when it was found to be illegal (oh, the irony!).

The website "The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund" doesn't appear to be updated very often, if at all. They're very economical on information. The trustee has total control of how the money is used, but the trustee is not named. The terms of the trust are nowhere to be seen.

Awww, they appeared as a lovely couple on both websites...

As we all know, Sarah Palin is totally open and transparent, and I'm sure she will instruct whoever runs that website to publish details of all the refunds and of how well the fund is doing. The total amount of Sarah Palin's legal debts is not very clear. Some people exaggerated a little and put it at a couple of million dollars, but it seems that half a million is the most popular figure.

Have they reached the right amount? What happens to any surplus? Do they give it to charity?

Please, Sarah, do let us know how this source of OPM is going. We can't sleep peacefully if we don't know whether you managed to pay your debts.

Perhaps Sarah doesn't need to ask for these donations anymore and forgot to tell us. After all, the original fund was created when she earned a paltry $125,000 a year, plus a little bit on the side from Todd. Now she's a multi-millionaire and can afford to pay a mere half million, no?

Is it a frivolous question?