Friday, 8 July 2011

Open Thread - Friday

Today we have a guest post by a certain Fluffy, who now goes by a new name, as we shall see.

Hello Dear Ones…

My name is Fluffy…or rather it was Fluffy.

I am now known as Pumpkin aka Punkie/Punkins/Punkster. I’m told that when Mom was searching for a new-life name for me, she discovered a pumpkin cookie recipe from Maine and that since “pumpkin” is an endearment that she’s used all her life for those closest to her, Pumpkin is now my call name. I think that it works very well with my other title: Princess.

That's me, Princess Pumpkin

I feel that I know each and every one of you through the stories that my new Mom in my Forever Home tells me as she’s brushing my gorgeous fur. (I am a bit vain about my looks but what’s a girl to do when she is born with the perfect face and body, smarts galore, and a most engaging personality? It’s a burden, to be sure. But I’ve learned to live with my perfections.

Anyway, Mom tells me the story of how all of you lovely people encouraged her in her search for the perfect kitty. It’s definitely kismet because at the same time I was on the prowl (teehee) for the perfect Mom.

Life wasn’t proceeding to my liking…there were rumblings of being homeless , and abandonment definitely isn’t my thing. So I put out some feelers (or whiskers as we in Felineland like to call them), and voilà! New Mom and new Dad came to my rescue.

I did my adorable kitty thing by rubbing on their legs and purring up a storm. Truth be told, a Maine Coon such as myself, doesn’t project a purr like some of the lesser felines, but I gave it my all. This meeting took place on the ramshackle patio that had been my home and I was feeling a bit of hesitation from the prospective dad person. So I thought to myself, “Self, what is going to make him believe that I am THE ONE”? As fate would have it, dad person had put down a kitty carrier. It was open at the top. I made my move. In I jumped, curled up and proceeded to clean my face.

Now if that isn’t a deal clincher, what is?

I now live in Shangri-la. Good food, lots of space. The kitty toys are perfectly suited to my tastes and I love the attention that I obviously deserve.

There is one small caveat. His name is Chip. He hates me. He looks innocent on the surface but noooooo…he is one mean cat. His one apparent goal in life is to make my life miserable. He growls, he stalks, he pounces. He wants me gone.

This is Chip, the stalker

I, dear readers, shall persist. I will wait him out. He will succumb - as all living beings are wont to do - to my charms.

As for all of you, I send my utmost gratitude.

You should come over and hang. Life is good but having you people around would make it puuuuurrrrrrfect.

Thank you for forwarding Princess Pumpkin's post to me, Fawnskinmudpuppy. Please give modest Mz Princess Pumpkin a nice tickle under the chin. Oh, and one for Chip too, why not? (but don't tell the Princess!)