Sunday, 31 July 2011

One of Murdoch's puppets is in trouble: The Damning of Tony Blair

An article by Sarah Ellison, which appeared in the October 2010 edition of Vanity Fair, had already addressed many of the points that re-emerged in the recent scandal involving Rupert Murdoch. It's a very long article, but this passage caught my attention:

In the U.S., Murdoch’s influence in politics has come mainly through Fox News. In Britain, his presence looms over every election, large and small. The famous headline IT’S THE SUN WOT WON IT—after the 1992 British election for prime minister went to the Conservatives—has been a reference point in U.K. elections ever since. Tony Blair courted Murdoch assiduously in his successful 1997 bid for prime minister, once traveling halfway around the world to attend a News Corp. conference—a supreme moment of ring kissing. The relationship between Blair and Murdoch was close. In his diaries, Blair’s top spin doctor, Alastair Campbell, described a Downing Street dinner for Mr. Murdoch and his sons, James and Lachlan, in 2002: “Murdoch pointed out that his were the only papers that gave us support when the going got tough. ‘I’ve noticed,’ said TB.” Lance Price, who worked for Campbell, later wrote, “I have never met Mr. Murdoch, but at times when I worked at Downing Street he seemed like the 24th member of the cabinet. His voice was rarely heard … but his presence was always felt.” Murdoch’s power, says Price, is rooted in fear of what he might do as much as in fear of what he has actually done. It comes not only from what his papers print, but also from what they might know but do not print. He holds sway by implicit threat.

As I said in previous posts, the hacking of private communications by News International goes beyond the hunger for explosive headlines. It provides ample material to be used in order to control people in positions of power.

Blair's ascension to power appears to have been manufactured and subsequently controlled by Murdoch. I shudder to think that we had at least ten years of Murdoch's agenda being implemented in 10 Downing Street, including an illegal, criminal war. It's well known how Fox News promoted the invasion in the US.

A public inquiry into the war in Iraq will have the report published later in the year, but some of their findings have been leaked:

Tony Blair is to face scathing criticism from the official inquiry into the Iraq War for the role he played in leading Britain into one of its biggest foreign policy fiascos in modern history.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that the former Prime Minister will be held to account on four main failings:

* Bogus claims that were made about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.
* Not telling the British public about his secret pledge with George Bush to go to war.
* Keeping the Cabinet in the dark by his ‘sofa government’ style.
* Failing to plan to avoid the post-war chaos in Iraq.

Mr Blair may face harsh criticism for his handling of the invasion of Iraq. Unfortunately, the report doesn't look into the relationship between Murdoch, Blair and Bush. It gives Blair too much credit for being his own man and making his own decisions.

Blair was dubbed Bush's poodle, when if fact he was Murdoch's lap dog.

How many more obedient pets does Murdoch has around the world?

Rupert Murdoch provides the propaganda arm for a group of people with a very dangerous agenda, together with the covert harvesting of compromising information about selected targets. His motivation is not world domination, but he's very comfortable playing his part in helping those who call the shots behind the scenes. Murdoch is an opportunist, motivated by money.

His greed has caused too much harm and is infectious, with a very corrupting effect on his minions. People like Sarah Palin, for example, through her own greed and a large dose of fear, has been well employed as the poster girl for Murdoch's partners in crime.

Tony Blair, damned by his vanity and dreams of grandeur, will have to face his doom alone, an abandoned puppet. Murdoch and his gang make them, then leave them when no longer useful.

We have to pin our hopes on the FBI investigations into hacking in the US and Murdoch being held responsible.

The damning of Rupert Murdoch would at least help silence the propaganda machine...