Monday, 18 July 2011

Palinbots on the attack again

Film critic and journalist Anthony Kaufman interviewed the director of The Undefeated for the Wall Street Journal (a Murdoch publication) and dared to ask a few questions. Kaufman was mercilessly attacked by C4P, where, once again, they resorted to sarcastic personal remarks and flimsy evidence to make their points. The title of their post: If Ignorance Is Bliss, Anthony Kaufman Must Be Pretty Happy! [I won't link to C4P]

Anthony wrote to me, puzzled by the very aggressive reactions from the palinbots, both in the post on C4P and in the comments on his own posts. I suspect he also received a few nasty e-mails. Anthony wrote: "I recently wrote some critical pieces about her new film The Undefeated for the Wall Street Journal's website and my own blog. I shouldn't be surprised that they've gone after me, but their attacks are personal, insulting and totally manipulative of the facts."

Stephen K Bannon

One of the questions Kaufman asked Bannon was about the MatMaid dairy, which I think was very mild, considering what we know about it.

Kauffman - I realize you need to make choices as a documentary filmmaker. But I also wanted to ask you about the MatMaid dairy privatization, which is used in the film to show how she turned around the state. But there’s some crucial information left out. Like she initially wanted it to stay open, and gave it $600,000 to keep it open. That seemed a little misleading.

Bannon - We use MatMaid as an example of one of the state-funded entries that went to the private sector. Initially, she made an initial attempt to make a go of it, because there were people that depended on it for the jobs. But she determined that she needed to have a private equity solution. I’m not trying to make the point that she’s perfect.

C4P fudged the subject and offered an e-mail from Sarah Palin as evidence that she did want to close the state dairy:
Dairy farmers were told their last day to deliver milk is June 27th. The state just broke its word again if we were to roll over for the board ‘ s ridiculous vote to shut it down without proper notice…Farmers will be dumping their milk in the parking lot of DNR if we don’t step in and show the leadership they’re craving and deserving.
We need to regroup and get good business minds in there to figure out close – out plan in next yr or so, or re -vitalization plan for Ag.
The issue is not whether Sarah Palin wanted to put the dairy in the private sector, but how she went about it, how she enabled a bunch of her Valley cronies to take over the Board of Agriculture and used state money (considerably more than $600,000) to prop the failing business. The state continued to pour money into it and the incompetent new CEO also secured federal funds, even though she had a history of defaulting on loans.

Dairygate is a tale of cronyism and fraud. Of course Bannon wouldn't explore it in any depth, and neither will her palinbots at C4P.

Can you imagine if Kaufman had asked a trickier question about the dairy? I don't think Bannon would have been able to answer it, as his version of Sarah Palin doesn't involve any proper research and doesn't deal in facts, only fantasies. And the palinbots would have gone into a real frenzy!

The upside is that a journalist, writing for the WSJ, can see that Sarah Palin is a myth: "I hope you can appreciate the situation we can find ourselves in when we try to get to the bottom of Sarah Palin and the myths she and her comrades try to perpetuate."

These tactics of attacking what they call the "lamestream media" is bound to backfire. More and more journalists may get fed up with the personal attacks and start digging a bit deeper, exposing Sarah Palin for what she really is, a phony and a fraud.

That should keep the dwindling number of palinbots very busy indeed...