Friday, 15 July 2011

Open Thread - Friday

Grasshopper sent me the link to a friend's blog, knowing that I have a weakness for good food. I wasn't disappointed, yum, yum! It's not only about food. It's about family and the wonderful warm feeling we get when sharing food with loved ones. Here's a sample:

Since this is a new project for me, I asked one of my cousins to look it over and give me some feedback. He wrote "I went to the Kartoffelklösse Project and thought it was wonderful, especially having had the same experience as you when we were little kids - just not as much as you! I have vivid colorful memories of those dinners with Otto and Selma and the rest of the family. I remember how amazing it seemed, how many people they served from that small kitchen. The dining room was the most important part of the apartment, where the food was showcased!"

Lobster Benedict 
Thanksgiving dinner


I've added Tim's blog to my blog list: The Kartoffelklösse Project - a blog for food lovers

Thank you, Grasshopper, that was a treat!