Friday, 29 July 2011

Ugly, toxic Sarah Palin

I'm having a serious bout of Palin fatigue. I feel uninspired, with a knot in my stomach at the mere mention of her name.

It's a sad state of affairs when a person who can't string a couple of sentences together, misuses and invents words, gets her facts wrong, makes a ridiculous reality show and prostitutes her family for fame and money becomes a loud and influential voice in American politics.

How could this woman, who gave us the classic Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric episodes be taken seriously? How could a woman so easily pranked by a couple of comedians (who compared her to Britney Spears) have her every burp and fart reported by the media as if they had any relevance?

Sarah Palin herself is a myth. Somebody banked on her sex appeal to get their warped message out. She's being paid handsomely by her puppet masters to poison American politics and she's doing a very good job.

The media can't have enough of her, even though she avoids them like the plague. This elaborate cat-and-mouse game led the media to follow her One Nation bus tour like dogs chasing a bitch in heat.

Sarah Palin derailed the healthcare debate with her death panels, brought out the ugly with her crosshairs and now she has posted veiled threats to the teabaggers in Congress, urging them to sabotage any attempt to solve the debt ceiling crisis.

Her poisonous voice is given a lot of undeserved weight by the media she so despises.

Perhaps we're all to blame for keeping this toxic flame alive. I wish I could stop writing about Sarah Palin. The bloggers find themselves in a kind of catch-22: Article upon article appear in the media without any fact checking, so it falls to the bloggers to set the record straight. We have to keep writing about her. It's a vicious circle.

And the political landscape in America continues to get uglier by the minute...